Things aren’t always what they seem. People aren’t always who they appear to be.

It doesn’t take a Scorpio Full Moon to realize, but there’s something about this particularly dramatic and emotionally intense Moon that brings the invisible, what is unconscious or lives in darkness, into the light.

We’d talked before, and she seemed nice enough, but as I was making polite conversation I could feel my face tighten up, my smile become forced, the “mask” of my social persona very distinctly. I also felt suffocated. I felt like I might not be able to breathe very soon. I wanted to run. Now. Fast. I couldn’t get away from her fast enough.

All of it was intuitive information.

What was happening? I raced home as soon as I was able. When I laid down and went inside myself I knew I was having a strong reaction to her energy. It was beyond needy. Engulfing. Suffocating. False. What my physical senses registered, a friendly, nice person who wanted to be my friend, was incongruent with what my energy body felt. AWFUL.

Even though I knew this, I felt guilty for wanting to run away.  She seemed soooo nice. Yet lots of people “seem nice” and aren’t. This was Beautiful Evil Queen energy. Let me be your friend, let me show you how wonderful I can be to you, and then I will drain your life force so that I can live. Have a sweet red apple, dear…Oh, are you feeling sleepy?

It was bad. How do I know it was that bad? I felt that bad.

In the presence of that kind of energy, who wouldn’t want to run as fast as they can? Yet I couldn’t shake this incongruence between who she appeared to be, which manifested in a bout of severe nausea, reflecting the cognitive dissonance between what I saw and what I felt. I am in a phase of deep learning, learning to trust what I feel -the energy- above all else. And what I was feeling was very real, more real than what my five senses told me.

I don’t believe in evil. I do, however, know that what feels inherently false and self-serving feels pretty evil on an energetic level. We can’t avoid these kind of interactions, and the fact that we do certainly does not reflect our level of enlightenment. This is a diverse world. There are wounded people with strange motives who wear masks so they can function. We all have social masks that are quite different from who we are. We create them to survive childhood  (in astrology, those social mask of our outward personality is described by the Ascendant). When the mask of personality is so different from the reality…  it can be incredibly confusing. When who a person appears to be isn’t at all who they are.

Which makes learning to trust not what we see but what we feel an invaluable intuitive practice.

Scorpio Full Moon Intuitive Energy Practice: Dig Deeper

It is Scorpio Full Moon time, time for you to dig a little deeper. To look beyond what your five physical senses tell you, and pay closer attention to what your psychic senses are saying. I was receiving extrasensory information, its purpose was to protect me.  It helped me to recognize a psychic boundary. Had I not listened to the energy, I might’ve been lured into a black widow’s web. I’ve experienced those kind of relationships before – not fun.

Here’s the practice: Take a moment this week, when you are interacting with someone – especially if you have a strong feeling reaction to them – to observe on a deeper level. What are you feeling? After the interaction, how did/do you feel?

Take some time to interpret the information using your intuition. Try to refrain from interpreting that what you’re feeling as about you. The temptation, almost always, is to judge our self for what we feel, or think “it must be me” instead of reading the energy. Then we miss the opportunity to honor the intuitive information we are receiving.

Ask yourself: what information am I receiving about this situation or person that may not be obvious, or different from what’s being shown me?

You may notice an image or thought arise out of the blue. Or a sensation, desire, feeling or energy arise. It won’t come from your head– so get out of your head when you do this. This is psychic information.

This goes WAYYY beyond reading another’s body language, facial expressions or the words they are using- all of which can be unreliable and false – and instead asks you to rely on what you feel.

Why is this helpful? Your feelings are your truth-meter. They are an excellent form of Divine Guidance.

People say things all the time that may not feel true to you, because they aren’t. People wear expressions that are subject to misinterpretation. Angry can look like a lot like sad, for instance. Someone being and looking “too tired” can actually be avoidance, or anger. Distraction is a modern condition many people are afflicted with…but no matter how good others can get at multi-tasking while looking like they’re paying attention, when you are present and connected, it is easy to pick up on other’s distraction, which can feel like avoidance or disconnection.

For instance, when talking to my husband and he says “I’m listening,” and even looks like it (!), I can tell when he’s not.

You want to teach yourself to read the Truth, as only you can see it, with a capital T.

Get good at trusting what you intuitively receive, over what you are being told by another, or can see with your eyes. Get really good at this and you will have an intuitive superpower that will reliably protect and guide you!