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Right-wing Christians say this plague is upon us because God is punishing us. Environmentalists, eerily similarly, say Mother Nature is sending us a warning, an ominous message. Conspiracy theorists say it all began with China, Bill Gates, or who knows what else (I am really not sure- I haven’t been tracking them).

Even for spiritual folk working on becoming aware & awake, those of us who tend to look inside for answers, instead of looking for something or someone to blame, it’s often “How can I fix myself so I can feel better? -or- What did I do wrong/otherwise I’d feel better?”  -often no more useful than looking for a Guy in the sky to blame.

Looking for a meaningful explanation for mysterious phenomenon is one of the things we do as humans. We have lots of time to do so lately. To think and analyze. Is it helpful?

The other night I had several dreams with a lot of emotional energy. My temptation, upon waking quite upset, is typically to start searching for the “what and why?” A normal habit is to ask: Why am I dreaming such awfulness? (it really was awful) What energy is going on in my psyche that I need to root out? And upon doing so – not always, but often- I feel much worse, as I find myself in murky territory of trying to figure out and take responsibility for a dream!

The same idea applies here. This is a dream. A DREAM. All of life. This experience. Passing energies.

Yes, it can be that simple.

Instead of over-analyzing my dream, I decided to assume I was dehydrated, got some water, and I left it at that.

I felt victorious, because I generously allowed myself to let it be what it is. 

You are allowed to believe that this pandemic has nothing to do with you, your life, or your plans or life’s purpose. That no God or planetary transit has behest this upon you because you are on the wrong path, you have more karmic lessons to learn, or more childhood wounding to clear up.

You are still perfect. Everything is absolutely on course for your perfect evolution and journey in a human body.

If you allow it to be True, this has nothing to do with you. It really can be that simple.

(You are allowed to think anything you want, really. If you choose what is True, that will always feel good).

Yet that grumbly unhappiness, that sliver of energetic uncertainty or fear will invite over analysis… because that’s the nature of the mind: to look for intruders, in order to feel safe and establish that we are okay.

What would it be like to allow yourself to know this dream has nothing to do with you? Would you feel more relaxed? Would you let yourself off the hook? Would it give you permission to stop trying to solve or better something that is entirely out of your control?  Would you allow yourself to get a glass of water instead of “going there” with your mind?

Like most practices, again this is simple, not easy. One basic truth I’ve learned about being energy sensitive is that the more I analyze an energy, the worse I feel. The more of an opinion I form about it, the harder it is to feel okay and good. When I’m rooted into my Soul, I’m very practical about things. It’s like, hey, it’s raining outside. It feels wet again. Raincoat time. Or, let’s take off my shoes and let it roll over me. Depending on my mood. Yet the exact moment I allow my mind to form an opinion or story about it (Rain? AGAIN?!), suddenly it’s exactly like I’m arguing with the weather – it’s very existence, did I do anything to cause it, why won’t it go away already, etc.

The weather is very straightforward that way. The weather is what it is.

So is the analytical mind. The complexity and analysis we give energetic phenomenon is our mind trying to help us feel safe and good. Yet there is truly only one way to do that, and that is becoming more connected and present.

Intuitive Practice: Let What’s Simple Be What’s True

Let it be simple. Ground into your bodily experience. If you are feeling badly right now, let that be true. If you are noticing the weather is crappy, let it be true. If you aren’t getting any satisfaction or pleasure right now, let that be true. If you are hungry and cranky and tired of this whole experience that is not of your making, let that be true.

If you are irritated, let that be true. If you are angry, let that be true. If you have had enough already, let that be true.

Don’t argue with any of it. (I mean it, no arguing!)

Let your human weather be exactly what it is right now.

Sink down into your heart, then your root chakra. Feel the energy. What’s there? Do not elaborate on it with any kind of story. It will be a simple phrase, as simple as “I’m scared” or “I’m feeling uncertain.”

So, you are a little scared. So, you are uncertain. So, you don’t know. If you really allow these simple Truths of your felt experience to sink deeper down into your root chakra, your mind won’t have to scramble to make sense of the energy — again, frankly, it is trying to help make you feel safe and okay — by generating bullshit mental explanations (Not helpful, but sometimes it’s all mind can do when we disconnect from our deeper felt experience).

If you allow your Truths to bubble up from your Soul, not your mind, they will come in little simple straightforward packages. Like oxygen bubbles rising from the bottom of a lake. They will feel really good to feel, even if they feel “bad”. Soon you will start to feel clearer, saner, more connected to your self and far more present in the now.

Be with where you are. This is how you finally get to the deeper Truths of your experience, which is the only place where real safety, presence and sanity actually exist for you. Not by “making sense of things” but by acknowledging and accepting your simple truths in this moment with even greater degrees of presence and self-compassion.

This is the power of being with your authentic experience, your authentic Truth. The Truth will always set you free.

You have done the work. You have healed. You are perfect. It’s time to get THIS simple – about everything.



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  1. Brigitte Lowther

    This was a wonderful read for me today, thank you. I especially loved the part you wrote, “generate bullshit mental explanations”, so true! I hope you are doing well during this time (seems like you’re doing just fine:), and again, thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight.

  2. Helen Alksnys

    love you too big hugs xoxoxo how funny i jus bought a gold raincoat that looks like a giant chocolate wrapper 🙂 thank you 🙂

  3. Jessica

    Thank you, Brigette. I’m doing well. I have my moments, like everyone! Being kinder, gentler during those moments. Take good care xx Jessica

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