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Whether caught up in a flurry of energy and mental activity triggered by another, or your own emotions, some days it is easy to go energetically sideways. :-/ If you suddenly find yourself here… you are definitely out of your own energy field.

A lot has been said/written about “psychic protection,” ie protecting your self from something or someone negative, or unwanted. However, coming at it as though it is something outside of you will be problematic. Mainly because of this law: Energy always follows YOUR attention and intention.

You feed the energy with your awareness of it.

Here’s the conundrum: YOU, being the very sensitive + aware Soul that you are, not only notice this distraction…now you can’t un-notice it! What to do? The minute you recognize that you are caught up in something external, instead of focusing your awareness on where you DON’T want to be (the external issue, which feels bad), focus on where you DO (back on YOU, feeling good).

Honestly, the best way to protect your energy/FEEL GOOD will always be to inhabit your own energy more fully. To come back into yourself.

There are many ways to do this. Here is one:

-stop thinking 🙂 When your mind “goes there…” so does your entire energy field. Recognize this keeps unwanted energy going.
-drop into your body. Feel what’s going on inside, even if it feels uncomfortable. Your body is your sensitive friend; it only feels this way because you are sensitive and want to feel good again.
-imagine your energy as a color- what color is it? Now, circulate that color from your crown chakra into the ground, or ground to crown, whatever you prefer. Invite your color deeeeep into your muscles and viscera. Imagine massaging this color into your energy field with your awareness. You may also enjoy visualizing your color as liquid light, pouring from crown to ground.  Keep repeating until your color gets nice and saturated and strong, and the other colors (energies that are not yours) dissolve.
-claim your energetic space aloud, say: This is my energy.
-take up space: I am allowed to take up space. I am allowed to be in my own energy.
-give yourself permission to do the above: This is self-care. Take your time. Be compassionate toward yourself.


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