Befriending Vulnerability

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Do you ever have that jumbled up feeling of frustration – and nothing you are doing seems to be working in the way you’d like? When this happens for me I often discover I’m not being honest about what I’m feeling. I’m not acknowledging my vulnerability.

This impacts my energetic vibration, which in turn, like magic, affects everything I touch. Through the law of attraction, I start getting jumbled and unclear results in life. The book I’m editing in Word throws endless obstacles at me. An old back problem acts up.

Eventually, I’m reduced to tears. Which is the place where it all needs to clear, anyhow! I realize, Oh, that’s what I have been feeling…I had been holding all of it at bay.

Many who read my work recognize that I am openly vulnerable with you. This is not because I’m masochistic. It’s because vulnerability, a willingness to honestly feel what I feel- no matter how strange, confusing or terrifying the idea of feeling it- is the most direct and efficient taproot I can find to Truth. Feelings connect us to Truth. It is an amazing and often overlooked resource, this ability to feel things so deeply. Like seeing the sun after an overcast day, we suddenly see clearly when we could not, had we not honestly acknowledged our feelings. Truth clears things up, quickly. We quickly feel good again. At peace with our self.

Vulnerability requires our honest acknowledgement of what we feel. But embracing vulnerability also means figuring out how to truly soothe ourselves.  I was on a basketball court yesterday, roller skating, when I witnessed a young boy throwing a tantrum. He apparently thought his dad had done something really offensive while playing ball, and he simply refused to be consoled. He lay down in the middle of that hot court and wailed. When grandpa tried to cheer him up with a joke, then with (gasp!) the offensive ball, he wailed even louder and got up, ran to the other side of the court, laid face down again and cried and cried.

I deeply relished his tantrum- which says something about how I’d been feeling! I loved that he let it all out, full body, and just went with what he felt, totally in his subjective experience.  Meanwhile, dad was on the cell phone texting. Mom was walking around with baby. Grandpa had attempted to soothe him. He refused it. Release, when we need it in this way, is the soothing balm itself. Other times, we must figure out the right words or action, to reassure, calm, hold, our upset heart.

I recently read a few words from another healer, about vulnerability, that gave me pause. She suggested feeling our vulnerability is a service we give to others. I, too, think it makes us relatable, as I’ve discovered over and over writing to you. Vulnerability certainly connects us to our shared humanity in a way nothing else can. But more deeply, lately, at least for me, I find its truer value is that my vulnerability connects me to ME. When I feel my internal feelings opening up like a flower, I feel myself opening to ever greater degrees of Presence. Truth. To what’s real. Then, since my energy body comes back online and into a high vibration, again, almost magically the Word document cooperates and my back problem resolves!

I’d love to share the Vulnerability card, from my forthcoming Intuitive Energy Divination Deck, with you (for the first time ever, I am publisher, writer -AND- artist, so it’s been slow yet steady. I am making great progress- the cards are feeling complete, and the guidebook proof is being ordered today. Yay!). Our vulnerability is beautiful, as the beauty of this particular card continues to remind me. Since Libra Full Moon, this past Sunday, joined Venus and Sun with the asteroid, Chiron, which I associate with befriending our tenderest parts, our human vulnerability…May you hold yourself with great care, this week- and always.

Card 19: Vulnerability

Your feelings need your honesty and soothing.

Card Meaning: Life can bring us to our knees. We all experience pain, loss. Someone doesn’t treat us in the way we want to be treated. We survive unfairness, tragedies, and trauma. All of this happens because we are human, and through absolutely no fault of our own. Some days, we just feel exceptionally vulnerable and sensitive to any and all of it, often without knowing why this particular day is any different from the one that came before it.

Now is the moment to befriend your vulnerability. To befriend means “be a friend”—to you. You don’t have to be so strong all the time. You are human, friend. You are strong, and you are also delicate, fragile. You bleed when you get cut, you feel homesick for someone, or someplace else, just like the rest of us. This is a beautiful existence, and while there is so much to be grateful for, your eyes still need to water occasionally with the sheer madness, sadness, frustration, confusion, shock, or pain of it all.

Unfortunately the world doesn’t always have a friendly relationship to vulnerability, which makes it more difficult to soften into. Were you, like many, given the early message that feeling vulnerable, having strong feelings, makes you weak? Actually, the opposite is true. In disconnecting from the Truth of your feelings, you paradoxically have less ability to respond to difficult energies and challenges—to life itself. Feeling your feelings always makes you stronger. Right now, can you offer yourself permission to curl up in a ball for a while? To fall apart? To shut the door and shut out the world? To cry? To be honest about how you really feel – no matter how terrified you are of feeling them? To trust that your authentic feelings will always lead you back home to yourself? Because they will. Your feelings can’t hurt you. As difficult as they are to feel, on the other side of any uncomfortable feeling exists peace and calm. Your feelings always connect you back to yourself, and to Truth. Often, the quickest remedy for feeling vulnerable is actually saying aloud, verbally, to yourself or another, “I feel really vulnerable today…” and allowing healing release to flow. Vulnerability is built into the human experience, and while there is no preventative against feeling vulnerable, allow your tears to flow, your heart to bleed, and you’ll feel strong again. Deny yourself this and you lose connection to Truth, and a host of precious resources inherent to your nature. You have permission to feel all that is real. To feel. And to hold yourself well, as you do. To be lovingly tended to by your nurturing Divine Self!

Symbol: Crab, Moon, and coral peony flower. Crab holds up its pincher in a defensive posture, knowing that all that separates its tender insides from the harsh world is its delicate, thin shell, while Cosmic Mother Moon looks on, assuring this too will pass. The capacity to feel everything you do—feel this vulnerable, have skin this thin—can seem a double-edged sword, yet feeling all that you do connects you with everything that is real in life. And as the saying goes…the Truth will set you free. Honoring and befriending your feelings also protects you from picking up on external energies that have nothing to do with you. Feelings guide you toward who and what is for you, and away from who or what is not. So, love your vulnerable feelings! Regard your sensitivity and vulnerability as the rare and special thing it is, like the exotic coral peony flower.


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  1. Maria

    You’ve just opened the Aries gate to a gentle weep dear one. Thanks.

  2. mamta nanda

    Thank you Jessica. This sharing really resonates. Thank you for honouring your vulnerability and feelings and inspiring this awakening.

  3. Laura Grolla

    Jessica, this was exceptionally wise and well-said. I really needed to hear it, not because I am feeling vulnerable in this moment but because the whole of 2020 was a time of feeling vulnerable almost daily, and minute to minute in a way that was almost like having an anxiety attack. Yet, by the end of the year, when the political scene had finally changed to something that no longer angered and frightened me, I found I had a new skill: being present and moving forward through a daily sense of powerlessness.

    Right now I am dealing with situations in my romantic life where I am speaking my truth and holding firm to what I want and the treatment I want. My therapist would say I am “teaching people how to treat me” in the arena of the opposite sex which is extremely hard for me. So I am feeling vulnerable a lot. Yet, I have found I can say to my inner little girl, “It’s ok to cry and feel hurt and rejected. Its ok to be sad and disappointed. You go ahead. I will hold you while you cry.”

    I love your art and what you wrote to explain the card. I look forward to the finished project! Most of all, thank you for modeling openness.

  4. RhiONA Wren

    That is an exquisite. art creation and a fantastic writing for vulnerability…Can t wait to buy the cards and book .I hope there is an avenue besides amazon because I do not like to use them …Aloha and congrats on your almost finished project. …

  5. Chris H

    Was already crying when I opened this and your words brought HUGE comfort.
    Thank you again and again Jessica.

  6. Helen

    Dear Jessica,
    This very much resonates with me. Feelings of anger can offend and frighten others.. even if they are righteous. And yet these powerful feelings of frustration and hurt need to be acknowledged… Art, Mindfulness and Journaling can help here as non confrontational channels. However tears and honest vulnerablity do give way to a peaceful and calmer communication which is far more clear and therefore easier for negotiations with others and resolutions to follow. It is best to confront our emotions first before we try to negotiate relationships.. Studies in Astrology and Spirituality or Psychology can be so helpful here. We need to understand ourselves before we can expect others to understand us or we them. Giving ourselves time to meditate everyday and listen to and through our hearts is key.
    I love your work on the Moon and Venus and l am very much looking forward to the cards upon which you are now working. Happy Easter dear lady, Helen x

  7. Jessica

    Thank you Helen.
    Underneath anger, fear, and underneath fear…vulnerability. Which is at core of every difficult emotion, so why not go straight to the source? xx

  8. Fatima

    I am a Scorpio with 6 planets in water signs (including Moon in Cancer) and your writing resonates with my very core. However, do you think earth signs and air signs have a similar need for or can benefit equally from befriending vulnerability?

  9. Jessica

    Nice! Thank you, Fatima. I wonder about that, too. I think we resonate with what we do for a reason. My feeling is that some of us have a more permanent relationship and intimacy with vulnerability, but transits can certainly kick up a need for befriending one’s vulnerability -for any sign. xx

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