Do You Want to Know the Truth?

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Do you want to know the Truth?

It exists inside you, in your body.

Do you want to know the Truth? Really? Notice what comes up for you with this question, because…

Sometimes we think we are afraid to know what we already know.

This is a catch-22 though, for as long as we remain disconnected from what we know, we will remain afraid. Because are not in our own energy. And that feels inherently bad. When we are not at home in our self, not connected to who we Truly Are, we will feel the fear and anxiety circulating in external Ego consciousness, and that of our own unresolved conditioning. While attending to Ego consciousness it becomes impossible to discern our own Truth.

So why do we fear it? We fear Truth because we are used to thinking it will ask us to do something we don’t want, or that it will take something away. Yet that is just conditioning. Ask anyone: It feels so much better, freer, to be in Truth, in inner alignment, than not. The Truth always feels good, even if it surprises the Ego, or asks you to dig deep to make life changes you thought you didn’t/don’t want (but you actually, honestly, do). The Truth always sets you free.

The thing about Truth is, like the Sun and Moon, even when we cannot see it; it is always right here. It remains, inarguable, irrefutable, triumphant, and simply awaits recognition. It does not care who “believes” in it. It only longs for you to experience it for yourself, inside yourself. A direct experience of Truth? Yes. It requires only for you to sincerely ASK.

These days, many are in conflict, fear, paranoia, suspicion, confusion, conditioning… (did I leave anything out?!) about vaccination. If you are tuned into this energy, which is literally everywhere, you are not “at home” in yourself; you are not sitting in your Truth. Know this: Truth and fear/paranoia/conflict/confusion cannot coexist. So if you think you know your own mind and you are feeling any of these things, you are not quite there yet.

This is an awesome invitation to ask to know the Truth, for yourself. This is not a dilemma for you to resolve with your mind, but to inquire deeply from within, in your Soul. There is no argument or objection you need to address, no one to convince (not even your own mind!); this answer is for no one other than you, and it can, if you allow it, arise as peacefully and effortlessly as a bubble coming to the surface from the bottom of a tranquil lake of pure YOU.

Whether I do this for myself, or with others, the process is the same. I ground, root and center. Then I drop down into my Root and ask the question. For me, regarding the vaccine, I asked the question: Is this Right and safe for me? from a fully grounded, rooted, centered, place.

I listened to my belly, my gut, my pelvic floor, my Root. Instantly, I felt expansion of warm liquid, light, pure peace, the YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS that goes on forever and ever. And then what? I trust this YES. I give this YES, this internal sense of knowing-ness more power than thoughts or any external story. Even after I had a few strange symptoms, following my first vaccination shot, I kept going back to TRUSTING MY TRUTH.

This is how to align with Truth. How to recognize Truth (because, nowadays, it seems many are having difficulty recognizing what is True). In Truth, there is no side to take. Nothing to sort out. In Truth, there is no argument to deconstruct, or external authority to heed. There is only the integrity of inner knowing. We connect with our Divine Authority…and as we consistently listen to and act from this place, we grow in self-congruence, self-trust, self-knowing. Instead of seeking sources outside of our self, we become the Source we are seeking.

This is what I love to teach; I do not love giving anyone answers about how to live their life, walk their path. I love sharing how I do it, how it works for me, so that you can do it for yourself. This is what I know to be True.



Card 2: Root
Your body never lies. It will tell you the Truth.

You have a seat of power. It is a visceral and felt experience in your energy body—your Root, located at chakras one and two, respectively. Your Root is part of your body’s energy system, and is linked to your: physical sense of safety, security, autonomy, creativity, sexuality and your connection to Divine Feminine Truth. Your Root not only helps you to feel safe and secure, it also helps you to know, speak, and embody your Truth with clarity and objectivity.

Have you been feeling easily swayed by others’ energies, shaky in your Truth? Out of your seat of power, so to speak? Have you been feeling uncertain about the legitimacy of what you feel and know? Not trusting those deeper feelings that will always guide you toward your Soul’s authentic knowing? Are you feeling unsteady, unsafe? It’s time to get back into your Root. Take a few minutes to sink a little more deeply into your seat, and your pelvic bowl. It may help to initially squeeze your buttock muscles, your sphincter, or do a few kegels; simply becoming aware of the area where butt meets seat can make all the difference! Now, similar to the way your favorite cuddly animal settles in, you want to really nestle down into your bum. Sense the juicy, alive energy of your internal organs cradled within your pelvic bowl. You might even imagine your pelvis as an actual bowl, protected sea cove, or a natural spring, and feel your own sweet liquid light energy gently filling up this inner space. Invite and allow your light energy to move through this area, expand into your tailbone and the area behind your kidneys, then allow it to move down your legs, feet, and into Mother Earth.

Now, check in. Notice how different you feel after doing this practice. Do you feel expansive, more secure, more in your power? Are you clearer in the Truth of what you feel, and who you are? Whether you are taking a stand, presenting your ideas, or you want to connect to your own Truth about anything at all, this practice empowers inner knowing. Being in your Root is integral to feeling supple and aligned in your energy body, so, ideally, you will want to make this practice a part of your everyday energy maintenance. Rooting helps you stay in your own energy, stay neutral in emotional situations, and True to yourself!

Symbol: Sea coral. Coral: vegetable or animal? Corals are called “sessile animals,” which means they are animals that permanently root on the ocean floor. Through their symbiotic relationship with algae, and the process of photosynthesis, they provide a staggering amount of life support for all of ocean life. It’s not hard to energetically feel the similarity between coral and our own Root. Coral reefs are the sea’s seat of power; ours is in our pelvic bowl, and our abdominal viscera (reproductive, digestive organs) actually resembles these interesting organic shapes. As we breathe the Light of awareness into this juicy and alive area, we re-nourish at core levels. We take up more space in our self. When we are energetically down here, in our gut, we ably discern what’s True for us. Coral reminds you to sink deeply into your nourishing Root for self-empowerment and Divine connection.


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  1. LauraG

    I love this post. I tried it as I was reading and I felt a very strong answer to a question I am allowing to take up space in my thinking. I got a very clear “No” and felt lighter. Relieved. Beautiful card. I didn’t know coral was a stable force for the ocean. Good analogy to rootedness.

  2. Chris

    This is so timely and will help many individuals who are struggling. Thank you for sharing this with us~

  3. Jessica

    Thank you as always, Laura, for sharing your experiences -and- for your warm comments. Both are much appreciated 🙂 xx Jessica

  4. Jessica

    You are welcome, Chris. I agree with you – and I hope more people see it. It is a powerful practice for the Now. xx Jessica

  5. Kaye

    My truth is to allowing my body to build my own immune system; to fortify my body from within vs a synthetic substance injected that is foreign to my body. I realize we all have our own sense of what’s right; this is what feels right and true to me.

  6. Jessica

    Yes. If it feels peaceful, then it is True 🙂 xx Jessica

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