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A Tale of Two Venuses

You asked and I listened.

When a reader emailed to ask if Venus Signs was really re-selling for well over $100, I felt a bit incredulous…then called to republish it. Llewellyn decided to let it go out of print a few years back; the publishing rights had reverted to me. But taking back the rights didn’t mean I could run with it. There were untenable (but well-edited) documents to work with, fonts and artwork to hunt down and purchase. Thus, I somewhat reluctantly began the arduous process – from buying the cover art and reformatting it to taking an almost unworkable document and making it word processor friendly. BUT Spirit had encouraged me, insisting it would be “easy!” Ha! (in hindsight, my question was not specific enough. I had been worried about getting the cover right at that point, and so Spirit was encouraging me about the cover art, which was very easy by comparison).

Anyhow. Long story even longer, LOL, Venus Signs, edition no. 2, is now fully available for you to purchase over at As said, there are multiple price points offered so for the print version be sure and choose the one for $16.99 – comparatively, a bargain! (And, Amazon, I know. They really are taking over the world, ugh. Yet I’ve found it to be the best option for self-publishing, for me, at this time. On that note, if you are boycotting Amazon, I fully understand, and I also hope you can connect with me in my other various avenues).

It really is a gorgeous book, inside and out, so if you haven’t gotten your copy yet (electronic and hard copy), you can easily pick those up now.

Here are the two Venuses, above, side by side. It’s hard to tell the original from my version — which makes me feel very, very, proud. It also makes me think of the two faces of Venus- Good Witch and Bad Witch, the self-neglected Venus -which I explore in detail in VS.

Let’s Write Together!

Self-expression can be natural, supple and easy – as natural as weather, as sensual as a tropical flower, as easy as the cycle of your breath or movement of your body. Energy practices and prompts will help open you to even more possibilities for yourself. Whether you identify as a writer or would like to explore your voice, your creative Spirit will feel nurtured by writing in a gentle, welcoming and embodied space. 

When a different reader expressed excitement and interest in writing, together, that little inspiration also stayed with me and took hold. I have been writing a bit more whimsically, creatively at site,which was where this particular reader expressed her enthusiasm.

If this interests you, please reply to me at I will put you on an email list and email you a link to join in. It will come from butterflies, so if, like me, you are inclined to email one and then forget all about it, you might want to put this address in your address book right now.

It will be Sunday July 11, 11 AM HAST. Again, if you are interested, can’t make that time, or differing timezones make this prohibitive, this may be ongoing, and/or the timing may shift, so get on the list, anyhow.

Finally, for those of you who, through all of these transformative years, are still resonating with my words and work (this website was launched in 2003 -can you believe it?!), thank you so much for your continued support and enthusiasm. For the past few years, especially, my Soul has asked me to more fully let go of what feels out of alignment… and step more fully into my expanded Self…often without knowing what’s next. This year, my birthday fell on a full moon which feels significant. Full moon birthday years allude to more activity, relationship-wise, and they are more public (versus private) years. I have felt very inward for a long while now; so truly this feels like a big shift. Plus, June always feels like a new beginning…summer has that romance about it…and perhaps because it’s my birthday month, too.

I look forward to another trip ’round the Sun.

And I look forward to connecting with you in new ways this year!



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