You can’t solve a problem with the same mindset in which it was created. -Spirit, to me, this morning

The perception of a problem is the problem – Rescue card, from the Intuitive Energy Divination Deck

We are definitely living in odd times, right? We have been in constant change for so long. With things moving so slowly and strangely, sometimes it’s hard to know where to put our intentionality and dedication, and what area to focus our magnificent ability to co-Create towards.

Here are some messages I received about this:

…Sometimes the Work is becoming completely aware, and then letting go, of old conditioning. Conditioning that caused, or still causes, us to veer left when a right would’ve felt better for our Soul, so we can move unencumbered and free into the next phase of our evolution. The Work is seeing where we are in judgment, shame, guilt, inauthenticity, doubt, self-criticism — to develop awareness around where we are stuck in untrue assessments of self, others, life.

…Sometimes the Work is remembering and integrating our Divinity, aka our Authentic True Self, into our daily self-awareness. The eternal Light aspect of us who lives in solution, who is unencumbered and free, always. The playful one who remembers her identity as Love and knows that when she is in alignment with her Soul, she can and will create, and solve, anything. This Divine True Self IS rooted in Abundance. She knows lack, of any form, is not a creative force for change. If we are in a mindset of lack, judgment, or anything other than the Light and Peace that we are, we are not creating; we are only replicating old/untrue conditioning– that same stuff keeping us squarely where we are.

…Sometimes the Work is calling forth whatever is needed in THIS moment, like: Patience, Curiosity, Creativity. I was talking with a healer-friend about the changes we’ve all been experiencing over the years. I said, “It’s difficult to know how to move forward when the old structures and ways we used to do things just aren’t in place anymore.” She agreed, adding: “Everything is moving more slowly now than it used to.” We both spoke to one another about how the varied healing practices we’ve learned and practiced over the years have evolved as we have; now, we are in this place of being open and curious about how all we already know will re-form and reintegrate. We also noticed that throughout this time it’s been pivotal to do creative things- to keep revitalizing and recreating our 2nd chakra energies with fun & play. This Work is being grounded, rooted and centered in the Present –in touch with the Divine Next Step.

…Sometimes the Work is Radical Self-Care. This is often the case for healers and sensitives. We are givers, and over-givers. We are so aware of everything that it is hard to turn it all off. We get depleted, tired and burnt out from always being “on.” We must refill the well more frequently than the average bear and offer ourself next level radical self-care that may sound outrageous even to our own minds. Good self-care is the Work we do on ourself to stay clear, well-rested, nourished and feeling good.

In a nutshell: The Work is always only about undoing what’s keeping you from feeling good and okay. It is: Getting out of your own way.

And, all this can only happen in the smallest moments of our days; the way we notice our internal dialogue, or don’t.  The way we attend to an ache or symptom, or ignore it. The way we shine light on our subconscious, habits, projections. The Work is Awareness.

~The Work of Awareness is worthy in and of itself. It is not beside the point; it is THE entire point. Of everything.~

It is not a hurry up and get there so you can get over there and finally have that type of thing.

You don’t get “there” any faster by allowing your Ego conditioning to tell you that you are not where you want to be (that slows you).

The Work takes a level of focus and dedication that will likely require most if not ALL of your extra energies. So be good to you!

And yet it’s easy to ride roughshod over the necessity of this Work, to tell yourself it is secondary to a more *important* goal or desire.

I remember when I began working with my Teacher in 2016. At the start of every session, for years, my burning question was always, “what should I do about my calling in the world?” – which felt very much up in the air. I was changing, and this made me feel insecure, and the calling was the “problem” my Ego identified. Yet despite wanting to talk about it, we never got around to it. For years, we sort of circumnavigated it, walked around it like the perimeter of a big mountain. And guess what? By getting to know everything else that was around and beneath this mountain – it’s landscape, the conditions it was exposed to while growing, current conditions, what grew underneath, what made it what it was, what moved the mountain, what flowers and weather it enjoyed, who and what it loved… what began to happen instead was this deeper Inner Work surfaced, and revealed itself to be vital—everything I’ve been sharing with you.

That was a (massive!) lesson for me in letting go of the Ego driven goal-orientated striving we are culturally taught, and instead allowing a bigger perspective to organically emerge over time. In fact, living in Hawaii has similarly taught the value of slow meandering.

The next time you have a hurry-up thought like: “why am I not there yet?” or “why am I not having the life/answers/experiences I want to have yet?”, I invite you to consider any or all of the above. Instead of reverting to old mental conditioning revolving around lack, or anything else you’ve been telling yourself about yourself or your life, how would it feel to simply allow the above to be True for you? Would you feel better? Peaceful? Okay? Good, even? Could you actually be okay with being exactly where you are, right now?

When I allow myself to fully be in the Work of Awareness, everything else falls away. The “thing” I think I’m so hungry for, the thing I think I’m pursuing? I forget about it. Doesn’t matter when I’ve peeled back another layer keeping me from Peace -or- I’m now even more aligned with my Divinity -or- I’m giving myself blissful permission to do something yummy, fun or soul-nourishing.

I know the answers my Soul seeks will eventually arrive from clearing all the obstacles and untruths to receiving those Answers.


You are a magnificent being who is remembering her True Identity as Light, Love, Peace, Acceptance, Ease and Grace.

You are living within a larger Consciousness that absolutely requires ever more patience, curiosity and Grace With What Is.

It isn’t easy to investigate limiting habits of relating to your Self, your Divinity, but it is worthwhile, meaningful, rewarding Work.

Only by re-centering in Light and letting go of old conditioning –all that is untrue– will the new answers you are looking for emerge.

P.S.: I created the Intuitive Energy Divination Deck to offer myself more Ease, Peace, Permission, Support and Grace within my own True Self unfolding. If you resonate with what I’ve shared here, you, too, will certainly feel supported by this magical deck!


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  1. Jess Weitz

    I always resonate with your words. Love from Vermont. Jess

  2. Jessica

    thanks, Jess <3

  3. Tina

    This fits perfectly with my experiences. I recently realised that my conditioning had been making me push through ‘healing’ and reinforcing an idea that there was something wrong in me that needed fixing. I was trying to bypass the process of just being in awareness. Thank you for bringing the right words at the right time, with so much compassion.

  4. Jessica

    Hi Tina, I find that particular conditioning (there is something wrong with me) to be persistent and sometimes subtle/unconscious.

    If this helps: once I become aware that I’m thinking it- which is half the battle LOL- I do the Root practice of dropping into my pelvic bowl. Then I ask: Is there something wrong with me? Am I messed up? Or whatever phrasing works for you. Then I wait for a response. I always get a Noooooooo. I anchor into that. Because the Ego has now recognized the Truth, the mental habit then shifts.

    If you don’t know the Root practice here is the link to a blog where I talk about it.


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