On Feeling Powerless

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there are so many things to feel powerless around
unnegotiable change
what’s on offer at the market
an unresponsive relationship
when your healing hits you like a 2×4
extreme wealth
extreme poverty
so, so, much

where’s your power, then?
where is it among so many realities you cannot affect (or do very little)?

in the honest feeling of it
in your warm body
in your deep dark belly
on your pelvic floor
in the grief and fear- if that is what you need
in the joys that call your art forward- if that is what you need
in the call for Divine Help – if that is what you need
in the desire for one small victory, today – if that is what you need

when there are no easy answers,
when the situation is unchanged
and you don’t yet know what to do

feel it
acknowledge what you honestly feel
name your experience, one feeling at a time

you are not in control
but you are not helpless
there is always someone to care for, help along, comfort, understand, support:


this is how to bring a thimble full of Light to the dark
how to be in your power amidst uncertainty and more

Ask: what am I honestly feeling? what do I need right now?

be willing to feel it; do that thing that nurtures you

…then watch as the shadows scatter like moths chased by the light of your own Loving Awareness


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