April’s Odd Astrology

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It started out with a weird interaction at an award show; Will Smith gives Chris Rock a punch in the face for an inappropriate comment. And Astrologers everywhere ask: Was it the astrology of Will Smith, or is it the astrology of the moment?

Both. The start of April is an odd blend of two very different astrological signatures.

Let’s embrace and LOVE our differences this week… as Mars and Saturn prepare to conjoin at 23 Aquarius (4/4) under an Aries New Moon (3/31). It may not be the time to expect new projects to go forward easily or without delay, since Saturn requires fortitude, persistence, patience, timing (and yet, in the same breath, long-standing projects that have already been building for quite awhile can come to life). This seed-energy imbedded into this new lunar cycle, so be kind to yourself.

When the warrior planet Mars meets restrictive and inhibiting Saturn on 4/4 at 23 Aquarius, it is a powerhouse of focused energy. Thwarted, slow to act, or restrained, depending on how it interacts with a person’s birth chart, this powder keg can go either way. In a natal chart it can signify masculine (Mars) feelings of impotency (Saturn) -and/or- persistent drive and ambition, because what restricts (Saturn) builds energy (Mars). It’s all how we use it. It is also common in the astrology of endings.

Because of the Mars rulership, the Mars-Saturn conjunction is a feature of the Aries New Moon on 3/31. So what does this tell us? Perhaps, to go slow, not be so impulsive. Be alert to anger in ourselves, and in others, and take time to cool off instead of acting on impulse. It can be a volatile/violent aspect, although it doesn’t have to be. Lines can be coolly and clearly drawn – if needed.

Are there times when the cosmos circulates a bit more earthly magic? If you have been missing *the magic*, the once every 12 years Jupiter-Neptune conjunction (23 Pisces, on 4/12) is an aspect to look forward to. Here’s how I am thinking of this: You are spiritually smarter than you probably realize. You are more connected, more knowing, than you give yourself credit for.

Why? Neptune rules Consciousness itself. Jupiter magically expands all it touches. Wherever Jupiter connects with another planet or point, we are asked to not underestimate ourselves. Jupiter, connecting with Neptune, our very consciousness, our connection to All That Is, shouldn’t be underestimated. It is one of those points in time when we can make spiritual leaps.

To me, this is saying: this is the time to pray and know it will work. Or to know that you’re a good enough yoga teacher to become an actual teacher. Or, that your Intuitive Knowing is GOOD… all things related to Spiritual consciousness are receiving a boost of celestial confidence… and our cosmic job is to not downplay ourselves down in any areas of spirituality, right now.

Not to say this same aspect can’t lead to delusion, or over-estimation of one’s spiritual abilities; again, it all depends on the chart and the person — this aspect in the chart of a person who tends to overestimate their self could lead to the kind of unfounded confidence that is not so great. This aspect reminds me of a very talented healer friend who had a sleeping pill habit, and who knew that when he took a particular pill (Ambien) he would not remember what he did the night before. That story… did not end well.

Astrology is like this; a cross-current of tendencies. It is rain and sunlight happening at once. This is what makes life interesting.

How can we navigate energetic cross-currents so that the magic available finds us? Self-awareness.

May you be divinely blessed with Jupiter-Neptune’s magic, and cosmically emboldened by Aries’ self-awareness.



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    This is so delicious. Deep gratitude.

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