Summer Solstice Spirit Message

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The air, here in Hawaii right now, has a supple and luxurious quality. Maybe it’s the natural abundance here, but just being alive feels downright decadent.

Summer is my favorite season. I was born in June, so have it inside me. The explosion of nostalgia, imagination, beauty and free time… summer seduces us into taking time to appreciate things and people we love – including our self.

I remember… Summer vacations of past. All the times I looked forward to something, as a child…a salty beach vacation, relaxation with my favorite books, visiting my grandmothers, the taste of my favorite homemade foods, fireflies aglow on thickly humid nights, the smell and feel of fresh cut grass under my feet.

It was interesting that I pulled the Contentment card, for all of us, at this solstice. In this, and the following Spirit message, memory, and the sweetness of the season can help us to remember the Peace we are, and to receive ourselves anew.

…Is something keeping you from experiencing Contentment right now?

When I asked Spirit how to better align with the Peace and Ease, I heard:

There is no reason for you to attempt to change or control the circumstances you have no say around. This is really key for you: remembering when you were able, as a child, to hold the space for everything and anything, knowing you were good no matter what. (When you remember yourself) That memory is a reminder of your capacity to simply be at peace while not knowing what’s next. The genuine contentment with WHAT IS is a natural state of grace you were born into. It’s your identity.

So, we send you images (memories) to remember this. We give you a visceral experience of reliving a moment in time, truly, a snapshot of a way of being, so you can reconnect with who you are. 

We don’t tell you to stop worrying. This transcends “don’t worry” because, remember, you’ve always known the ways certain things change, or could change; you were once completely comfortable with uncertainty. Before you attached stories to outcomes. 

Recognize this is what you are doing that actively blocks you from receiving your own contentment -which, like a waterfall or a sweet spring, it naturally flows -is a matter of fact. Before you learned to attach stories to outcomes, you called it ALL good. Whether you went on vacation, or it was cancelled, you had the joy of summer running through your veins, your energy body, and truly there is so much to enjoy. It was and is all right here, and you have always been aware of this.

…Okay. Well, that was interesting! I knew I was blocking myself so it was great to have it spelled out like this.

What’s keeping you from your sweet Contentment, friend? I hope solstice energy can help you to touch in on some memories of YOU – before you had all these adult stories to fixate on and distract you from your own peacefulness. May we feel our natural ease!



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