Capricorn Full Moon: Wisdom Nature

Wisdom Nature

When I was a child I remember suffering feelings of frustration over forgetting what I already knew. Have you ever had dreams where you knew how to solve complex math equations or speak Japanese as a matter of fact, when in waking life you couldn’t access that knowledge? That’s how it felt being in my earthbound body. I knew the knowledge and wisdom was there, barely veiled. It was so palpable, so close, I could taste it…Why couldn’t the adults around me see it, too?

Spiritual traditions, people who have NDE’s and ADC’s (after death communications), all say that our souls drink from the river of forgetfulness before entering human form. This is a necessary forgetting because it allows us to do that thing Earth does best: Give our soul experiences that hone it. And our earthly job is to do the big reveal on the wisdom we already possess, but forgot.

Lately, it seems like there’s been too much forgetting.

Pluto in Capricorn has been square my Libra Ascendant and Aries Moon. My empathy with the environment has been off the charts. I have two choices. I could give authority to the fear, panic and survival energies I feel by believing in them, or, I can feel them, fully, allow them to pass by. The latter only works when I solidly believe and know I AM Eternal. The second I start reacting with my false, not my true, self, I invite fight-or-flight energies. This has been HUGE work for me.

I’ve got a new mascot for what it looks like to be in dialogue with Grace, though. So do you.

You’ve seen the picture of the young black woman, Ieshia Evans, in a flowing dress, facing police in Baton Rouge during a civil disobedience protest. When I first saw this picture my initial thought was “Goddess” and my second thought was “energy.” Look at her graceful, centered posture. She is rooted in that ancient oak tree of spiritual feminine energy. This is not just a picture of feminine strength- it is a spiritual one. Spirit is palpable; in her body, her delicacy of posture, hands. Her hands! She’s doing energy work, creating a mudra of light.

An unbroken chain exists from us, to the Eternal. It is always right here. Ieshia Evans had it in that moment. We all have it… if we know where to look, and how to reinforce it. Maybe Saturn in Sagittarius is here to help us remember to claim the forgotten authority of our wisdom natures. Neptune in Pisces, square Saturn (thru September), can help us integrate Spirit awareness, let go of belief structures that feed separation and generate false ego stances. Every time I listen to the small voice that says: “let it go”, or “go stand in the garden”, “listen to relaxing music”, “go on a walk” and act on it…I reinforce my spiritual-earth congruence.

It’s a dramatic time on Earth. Yet we always have access to our ground of being. Now’s the time to claim it. Imagine a cord of light flowing from bottoms of your feet, your sacral, and deep into the Mother Earth. Make it as big as a tree trunk if you need, then spread it out like tree roots. Release any anxieties and fears you’re holding in your body. Let them go. Feel into the space holding your Divinity. That’s how to feel, to be, as unruffled and elegantly centered as Ieshia Evans.

Capricorn Full Moon is a time for remembering who we truly are. Know this: You have spiritual roots. They run deeper and truer than what is playing out in the world today. Spirituality is a process of rediscovery, and with Saturn square Neptune we can’t afford to keep our divine identity separate from our earthly one.  With sea goat, let’s dive deep and re-claim who we already are.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Loved this. Thank you.

  2. I hadn’t seen that picture of Leshia Evans (I’m Aussie, maybe that’s why) OMG so beautiful. That would have to be the image of the century. I also have pluto in Capricorn squaring my moon and ascendant, although mine are switched around with an Aries rising and a libran moon. Saturn in scorpio opposite my sun has been torturing me for years. I hear you. I have become remarkable good at self care and integrity in the years from 2012 🙂

  3. OHYES i can so relate to that “i know how to do this stuff, i do understand this, am good at it” and then wake up and go.. waaaahhhh. it’s gone again… and no, i hadn’t seen that pix…. interesting eh? my first response is – oh she is so centred, and i look at the cops and think, you’re afraid of a woman? then i hear the internal chatter ‘oh ma’am we’re only doing our job’ – interesting the statements we all make…. you’re right, good to be centred, drop down into the centre of your being, into the earth, stay connected… yes, definitely oak energy, i can so relate.. love it thanks for the reminder… we Do make a difference xoxo thank you!! 🙂 cheers

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