Making the Gods Work For You by Carolyn Casey

Beginner to Intermediate Level

This is the one book that lifted my astrology off of the page and into the realm of magic. It does just what the title promises. Let’s get one thing straight about magic: it is not witchcraft, it’s cooperation. Cooperation. Not coercion, manipulation or black magic. What you resist, persists, plain and simple. What you don’t know you’re resisting also persists. You begin cooperating with the Gods, God, Goddess, Angels, Your Destiny when you understand what’s being asked of you. For example, when you want a relationship, what do you want? Sweetness, beauty, a sense of worth, being loved. So why not perpetuate those same qualities in your self and your environment? You put on makeup, you treat everyone as though they’re worthy and wonderful. That’s magic. You do it everyday.

This book is a wonderful primer for the planets. Suggested magic comes in the form of rituals from different cultures and traditions that Carolyn personally occasioned. Fabulous!!!

You say Neptune is hanging around your Venus, what do you do about THAT? Well, you read this book.