“PRONOIA is a life manual for not just overthrowing the dictator within
(and so without) but more vital than this, a manual for creating an
intelligent, sexy and juicy alternative to the Big Should.” – Jessica Shepherd

That’s my official endorsement, appearing in Rob Brezsny’s book promotion for Pronoia. Why did I say this? OMGoddess! this book gives you permission to end all that unhealthy negative uptight thinking and unleash the wild, compassionate trickster you know in you are in your heart of hearts. (Apparently I can’t talk about this book without waxing lyrical, rowdy and poetic. I think there’s some kind of pro-love anarchy alchemical neurotransmitter thingy happening everytime I pick up Pronoia). The gist is: the world is conspiring to shower you with blessings. Think about it: it’s the ultimate conspiracy theory. The world could be full of drudgery, inhumanity, evil, violence and suck the life right out of you -or- the nastiness could be an invitation to be more JUICY, TRUTHFUL, PLAYFUL and ALIVE. Of all the un-truths Rob could rob from you, your dispirited worldview takes the biggest hit. In a good get all up-in-your-face-radical-on-your-worldview way.

“If you choose to become a practitioner of pronoia, your life will suck. It has to suck. Let me explain. As you cultivate the arts of gathering and bestowing the blessings that the universe is always conspiring to send your way, your life will suck in the best senses of the word. First, your life will suck in the same way that you use a straw to compel a thick milk shake to disobey gravity and squirt your mouth. Metaphorical translation: You’ll work hard to pull toward you the resources you need, perhaps even exterting yourself with a force that goes against the natural flow…” -RB

Read it and be changed.