strong>The Astrology of Self-Discovery by Tracy Marks

Intermediate to Advanced

This is an invaluable book for getting down into the nitty-gritty of your own personal experience with a Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto transit. Yes, the a-ha! moment everyone has when they first understand the archetype of a planet (ie Saturn as responsibility, self-denial or Neptune as transcendence, necessary losses) is huge one giant leap toward self-understanding. Yet the psychological reality of it is a subtle, daily event that takes your attention and time. How do you deal with that? Enter Tracy Marks. (For you Scorpios who love to probe your psyche, psychological astrology is a field unto itself – you can imagine that it can get real complicated real quick.) Tracy Marks is pretty straightforward, she uses concrete examples, asking the right question, or suggesting the right activity for each big transit.

On Neptune: “Neptune can indeed be highly frustrating, immobilizing and even terrifying. Our grasp upon reality may feel shaky. We may feel paralyzed, unable to make any decisions or act in a forthright manner. Neptune may blind us to our internal feelings and keep us engaged in internal dramas that seem to go nowhere and which have little relevance to our actual circumstances…” She then opens up a number of possibilities tc consider that helps you get clearer. There’s even a “Neptune Worksheet” appropriately titled “Coping with Confusion” and one for each planetary whammy (all lifesavers!). Also notable a very helpful section on Eclipses and Lunar Nodes. Help is good.