The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest
Beginner to Intermediate

The Changing Sky by Steven Forrest
Intermiediate to Advanced

Inspiration. Storytelling. Imagination.

These are the generous gifts Mr. Forrest brings to the world of boring old Astrology books. But he’s no boring Astrologer, he’s an Evolutionary Astrologer. Just like it sounds, the “endpoint” of each life is to evolve into a higher life form. That may mean talking to a few lower life forms first. He names them for us. Cool.

Every chapter of The Inner Sky is a multi-faceted jewel. SF turns a Sun sign, House or Planet one way, then the other, leaving no piece of the journey untouched, unexplored or unfelt. Real life story vignettes pepper each chapter making one tasty, satisfying astrology salad. Yes, you can eat this one. You immediately connect the questions and dysfunctions to your own real life examples. And you begin to feel the astrology rumble in your belly. Of course anything delicious is a combination of simple and complex…you approach the Sun sign simply, but soon realize there’s more to the story of a Taurus than you realized. And so on. The more you read, the more you come to appreciate the amazing potential in this human journey.

So you naturally want to read The Changing Sky for dessert. Your curiosity has moved from “what’s my Moon sign?” to “I’ve got to figure out why I had that breakdown in ’05 and is it going to happen again?” or “Maybe my boyfriend’s having a Uranus transit, he’s been acting so out of character…” And so on. Now you’ve caught the bug. Which leads you to the next SF series on intimacy and relationships (see below).