How To Bewitch a Man by Fiona Horne

When I saw a pic of Fiona Horne in a copy of US magazine at the gym, I was tempted to dismiss her. Yes, she looks like a Playmate (and she is). She’s the whole package, blonde, full chested, in an utterly bewitching L.A. kind of way. She’s the kind of gal that makes an alpha female (or male) want to stare at her secretly in wonder, ‘what’s she about?’. I owned up to my own judgment and read on. She had just appeared on the Tyra Banks Show. Tyra thought all witches were green and rode on brooms till she was impressed upon by Ms. sexy Fiona. Plus one for turning that around. I’m interested. Then she suggested a self-love spell for Britney Spears (included in this book). My heart is tugged. I’m warming up. This is what good witchery is, in a word: help. I check out the book. It is Hollywood but it’s grounded in the craft. This is also modern witchcraft for the modern woman (oft a lonely lady wading through a swamp of near misses). Some witchery books give you spells but you feel like the author is quite possibly a witch hermit living in Ireland, it’s just hard to relate to personally. You can really feel Fiona’s fun and sexy style come through in How to Bewitch and it’s inspiring. I especially love Bewitchers Mantras, like “Obstacles are not there to stop me but to guide me to a better opportunity.” “The universal ruler of love is conspiring in my favor.” (I use this often) “I am a Bewitcher. I have power over men.” Sha-zam.