If the Buddha Dated: A Handbook For Finding Love on the Spiritual Path by Charlotte Kasl
If the Buddha Married: Creating Enduring Relationships on a Spiritual Path by Charlotte Kasl

You too can move from love & relationship elementary school to L&R college graduation day through Charlotte Kasl’s deceptively compact gem-like books.  As the title suggests, Ms. Kasl has an obvious penchant for Buddhism but she’s all-faith inclusive, citing many different religious backgrounds. I love these books, they’re love and marriage 101 for people who have a spiritual life, an emotional life, a crazy 9-5 life and hit all the speedbumps along the way. The speedbumps can blow a tire at 55 mph but the pace of contemplation and reflection (more like an easy 15- 25 mph) is gentler on the spirit of the relationship.
Hey Fire signs, check out the “Fair Fight Rules” in If the Buddha Married. There’s nothing like a passionate argument to stoke the fires of love. But please, when you fight, fight fair.