Seduction by the Stars by Ren Lexander

“Do you take this person to be your lawfully wedded spouse, to have, to hold, to cherish, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others unil somebody better comes along?” -Libran Wedding Vow

Longing for a Libran or Crazy for a Capricorn? A practical and irreverent how-to guide for turning your object of amore into a puddle of love. It does what it says, tells you how to seduce every dang sign. “How to Seduce, Have a Relationship With, End a Relationship With…” your love muffin. Each chapter lists 8 seductions. So if one’s too outrageous (likely), another will work. The fun thing about this book is its bawdiness.  The practical steps for appealing to any Sun sign are appreciated, especially for those freedom loving signs. On Aquarius:
Seduction 1: The Reassurance of Freedom. Use a seduction technique that guarantees their freedom – or at least loosens them up so much they temporarily let go of this obsession.
Seduction 1(a): The Friendship Deepening Ploy. “I’m really attracted to you, but, you know, I just feel the need to be free. I want you badly but I don’t want to be hemmed in…”
Seduction 1(b): The Preemptive Strike for Freedom. Declare your need for freedom before they do.
Seduction 1(c) The Moving Experience. You’re on your way to Bali so you won’t be around to trap them.
Seduction 1(d) The Prior Engagement. Aquarians have been known to have tolerance for multiple partners. Naming yours can be an advantage.