Astrologer’s Datebok 2007 (Calendar) by Jim Maynard
Beginner to Advanced

You need to plan a business meeting, so what day should you choose? A day when Moon’s in Capricorn and/or Saturn makes a harmonious aspect to Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars. Is there a book that will tell you this? Yes, this is it. It’s the most elemental tool for anyone who likes to go with the flow instead of push, and yet not many people use this. Why oh why not? I don’t know. It’s so simple to use. There’s a handy Moon through the Signs, Aspects, Planets and Moon Phases guide in the front. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to piece things together, just your willingness to get curious and observe what goes down on any given day. Even my sister (who’s not an astrologer) uses this. Granted, she is a Gemini!

Note: These are specific to the time zone you live in so be careful to order the right one.