Full Moon in Sagittarius, May 31, 2007

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Sun in Gemini is like a flashy book with glitter and silvery things, and universal symbols and strange script that look like Angelina Jolie’s tattoos on the cover. And like any good book, you’ve just got to open it wide open to find out what’s inside. The Sagittarian Full Moon is a wide open and curious mind. We reach our hand into the goody bag and find all sorts of strange textures, itches and hankerings to do this or that. Which one will it be? On one hand or the other…As always with this Gemini and Sag combo, we can make a compelling case for darn near every option. Not all of them are sane or rational. So what? Who cares? We want to expand like a balloon, to rise higher than we’ve been before. Enthusiasm gives wings to the dullards of the world. And for those who can’t rise to the occasion, enthusiasm gives those dullards the big brush off.

Who said Sag Moon was sane or rational? Not me. It’s the highly improbable Sag energy that motivates the lives of entrepreneurs, adventurers, travelers and explorers. As a Sag friend said recently, “I wasn’t born to be in a cubicle. I was born to jump out of planes.” Need I say more? Mind you, I’ve just returned from a long journey in which a certain expansive lightness of being was cultivated when I spontaneously decreed “Let’s go to Budapest!” I personally witnessed my emotional and physical energy move from a lukewarm utterance, “I’m alright” to an enthusiastic “Ready for anything!” All it took was a little transatlantic time spent in the clouds for that lightness of being to hit my bloodstream like a drug. Far better than the paltry Bloody Mary high, this sense of expansiveness lives between the clouds…just out of reach, you see. The whole Sagittarian thing is built that way. Don’t try and argue with it. It’s wilier and trickier than a rascally wabbit…and a perfect match for Sun in Gemini.

I’m not one to sugar coat things. Let’s just say it’s a mixed bag.

Because you just can’t spend your life wandering the globe. While I cultivated my worldly sense of empowerment, I also cultivated a raging yeast infection. It’s impossible to travel on a diet. When in Rome, ya know? For years, my California diet and subtle bodies do not allow me to eat cheese, bread, yeast and sugar unimpeded by severe distress. Who cares? C’est la vie! I’ve officially deemed myself free of obstacles. I’m functioning on a travelers grace…kind of like travelers cheques but without insurance. When I return, I’m still free for a few days. But you know what hasn’t left – that lightness of being, that unquantifiable expansion of the soul. Who can measure it? It’s the knowledge that I am a far bigger player than I once was. And boy was it worth it.

There are certain things one must do before one dies. (Every Sagittarian reader nods here.) However…Sagittarius has a little issue, a minor problem you see with breaking this whole enchilada appetite down into bite-sized manageable life chunks. When you can only envision a big, wonderful that way over there, handy Gemini Sun knows how to finagle an angle on this, over here. It’s a question of proportion. You just find a way to get the same deal without getting on, or jumping out of, the plane. If you’re looking for heaven, focus on what’s in front of your mug. Self-help gurus, life coaches, spiritual folk do this really well. They’re the ones that bring blissful soul-expanding teachings down to earth. Woo-ha! Instant dose of inspiration, just like that…err this.

This whole human potential movement is an amazing Sagittarian thing really. And that potential of a self bigger than this one is translated through books, teachings and spiritual education. And in Gemini style, word by word, piece by piece, step by step we make that big giant leap in consciousness. No matter how brief, how small the bit of information, the mysterious expansiveness, the bigger than life largesse reaches into the spaghetti neurons and the primal beast who wants to roam and the information gets in there. Your daily horoscope illuminates a synchronicity; the information exchange you’ve fostered among friends yields a fabulous new opportunity. You puzzle at the puzzle and then the puzzle clicks. You’ve got to open the cover of the book though, to tear into the travel section and figure out where you’re going next to activate any of your handy ad-hoc skills.

Apparently expansion requires some major heaven to earth finagling.


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  1. Pat Paquette


    Welcome to the astro-blogosphere! Your sparking, intuitive, and free-flowing approach is a wonderful addition to the discussion of astrology and I’m sure will resonate with many readers.

    I’m so pleased that you’re here.

  2. Jessica

    You’re awesome, Pat ! Thanks for being my very first blogger! I went to *your* blog site and it’s fabulous, too. Since you’ve been in the blogosphere for awhile I’ll certainly be contacting you for a side discussion on this blog-eat-blog world…

  3. Maggiethecancer

    I really like this. Do you do one of these everyday? I really like your writing style. I have some sag friends, except that only one of them fits the description. I think that my other friend may have some other things in her chart that determine that.

  4. Jessica

    Hi Maggie! Thanks for blogging with me. The full moon happens once a month (except for this month, which was a rare second full moon, called a blue moon!) so I’ll write about this once a month. There’s a monthly new moon, too, so watch out for those! About Sag, you’re noticing that even though many people share the same sun sign, not all are the same – a great astrological observation!

  5. Lise

    Hi, Jessica — just Lise seeing if I can successfully submit a comment…here goes…

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