Talk, Talk Gemini New Moon. Stop.

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Well did I tell you before
When l was up
Anxiety was bringing me down
l’m tired of listening to you
Talking in rhymes
Twisting round to think
You’re straight down the line

All you do to me is talk talk
– Talk Talk by Talk Talk

Love your neighbor as yourself.
– Jesus

I’ve spent this Gemini New Moon morning at a sixth grade graduation for my stepdaughter, Sarah. I even saw Twins while I was thinking about writing you, two toddlers in pink dresses whooping it up in the Sun. As the awards were handed out, parents cheered. It seems kids get graduation ceremonies in elementary, middle, high school and college now. Balancing the possibility that I might be witnessing excess suburbiaville against my love for celebrating rites of passage, I reckon the more we celebrate rites of passage, the greater our chances of becoming whole individuals. A grandmother stood beside us, and looking at the Twins playing on the playground said (with a pinched, indignant expression) “we should be allowed to play on playgrounds, too!” Instantly I think, aren’t you? You’re playing in the playground of your mind, giggling, falling down and getting up again, begrudgingly, yes, but you absolutely remember how to be carefree.

Gemini is young, forever young. Here’s good news: youth is not what they’re selling you. It’s not the Botox or even the number. It’s the freedom of mind, body and spirit to step onto the playground and giggle, to imagine what it might be like to steal behind the bushes with a boy (at this age!), to wear striped knee-hi socks and mismatched sneakers with your skirt, as Sarah did today. You want permission to be devilish? Oh, let me ask my parents before I jump into a mud puddle/ tear into a cake/ pet a strange dog. Puh-lease. Youth doesn’t hesitate. It’s that wise. By trusting in innocence, youth knows it can get out of a jam. And it’s almost always right.

New Moons are inventive because you get to start over, each and every month. This New Moon is doubly inventive because it’s Gemini. The Twins represent the slice of the zodiacal wheel where we reach out and touch someone or something else. We simply make contact, connect. We are no longer one, we are two. It’s delightful to discover we’re not alone in the Universe – all we want to do is talk about our discovery, share it, move in it, dissect it, be apart of it. And what is “it”? Oh, it’s so fresh, so hip, so very now… It’s what’s happening right here, right now and that quite possibly is the most important thing in the world. You are that which exists to reinvent itself. And you are never the same being two days in a row. So capturing this you? Impossible! You are pure spirit, the breath, the breath of life. (Side question: are you breathing or are you being breathed?)

We’re constantly inflowing and out flowing this breath. We give off life, we take in life. We each vibrate at a unique frequency. Surrounding our selves with nasty, low energy we begin to feel nasty and low. Read a positive, uplifting book – we’re uplifted. We’re in a confluence of influences. And as physics says, we influence the confluence. We have an affect on one another. It appears when two objects collide and then separate, the two objects are never again truly separate from the other. When one changes, no matter how far apart in space and time, the other does too. This theory of energetic connection is called quantum interconnectedness. So there you have it: every connection you make energetically travels – to your Twin.

For those of us looking at life from the perspective of the dark night sky, feeling so alone and separate – think infinite. You’re not a solitary being, after all. You probably have spawned many Twins, hundreds, maybe thousands. And if you’re reading this and you’re a celebrity, you affect millions or more (and if you’re reading this, and you’re a celebrity, call me). To all this I say: more power to you and your Twin. Literally. Where is this longwinded rant headed? We influence one another. Our connections create Twin identities. We are never the same person twice. We may be being breathed. Celebrate everything you can. Don’t think about giggling, trust it. Find someone to talk to, observe your surroundings…record it, write it down. Hmmm, where am I going again? Nowhere, really. And nowadays, that’s really somewhere.

*for helpful advice on Mercury’s move retrograde tomorrow(!) click on the Mercury link.


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  1. Lise

    Wonderful, funny, insightful as all hell…and best of all…youthful’re on a roll on this one, I love the talk about connectedness and our Twin(s). Jessica, there are times yours words feel as if they are tumbling out, just like the kids today from their classrooms on the last day of school, and I love that energy. Always trust it. And now you and your tribe are off for three weeks of adventure and play. Have fun playing!


  2. Jessica

    Lise, In person, you’re a breath of fresh air. Hearing your voice through the inter-waves, I get to breathe in again. Thank you! Thank you!

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