The Red Book has kickin’ Shakti Energy!

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Sera Beak is just like you and me. And if she’s not, basically you want to be her after your done reading The Red Book.

“I want to find God in my own way, in my own time, and essentially, by my own self. And I have. She beats deep inside my chest. I see her reflected everywhere. She grows with me.”

“Yep, I’m a true modern devotee. I love the mystics, The Matrix, yoga and the White Stripes, meditation and designer jeans. In terms of cultural dialects, I am mulitlingual. I speak New Age and Aveda Skin care, Eastern philosophy and Elle magazine, Metaphysics and Hitachi vibrators. I love modern art and dinner parites, lavender chocolate and dirty maritinis, dancing and random road trips and hanging out with my girlfriends. My spirituality is real, alive and active, funky and fresh. It’s not separate from my daily life; rather, it’s so integrated and infused I can no longer separate the two.”

Sera Beak is a Harvard graduate scholar of mysticism and comparative religion and all around cool chick. Don’t let that intimidate you. She’s also a “Spiritual Cowgirl” who suggests you might not want to gorge yourself at the Spiritual Buffet, but carefully graze (so you don’t get a stomach ache). Her loose, free approach to laying out different philosophies (Goddess, Tao, Sufi, Buddhism etc.) with scholarly ingenue guarantees to fire up your personal Divine Spark.

But that’s not even the gem of this book. She’s funny and hip. This smart chick has a sense of humor making this an easy read. Dvine signs, energy, synchronicity, lucky numbers, colors, self-acceptance…are relevant and necessary tools for the spiritual life of any Spiritual Cowgirl.

Try “Ritualize Yourself” – burn your bedsheets to banish negative energy from your bed and invite good energy in. And her wild suggestions aren’t half-baked, they’re backed up by hard facts (Native Americans, Buddhists, Wiccans and Hindus have rituals to “burn” away negativity).

I love this book! The Red Book is On My Bookshelf indefinitely…


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  1. Lise

    Hi, Jessica I finally did something on my to-do list I’ve been meaning to for months now…and that is peruse your “bookshelf”! I’ve gotten The Red Book, Pronoia (for my son) and Astrology for Yourself in my mental shopping cart. PLease, please, please consider adding to your bookshelf for 2008! It’s like shopping and browsing with the added bonus of reading your writing!

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