cabbageIt’s the Full Moon in Aries. Where to cull our courage and confidence? How to emulate energy? Despite the Full Moon feel of culmination, we’re eternal children with Aries. We’re always starting at the beginning, and just that naïve about moving forward without burning out. It’s also Harvest Moon, the wrapping up of a cycle of growth. Like our ancestor farmers, we offer up our crops to the world, the summation of what we’ve tended daily since this time last year. Now we take our harvest to the market of Libra, only giving away the best of our self, presenting the most attractive and likable version of “me.” We’re extremely sensitive to the markets demands, what it is people want versus what we have to offer. Especially if everyone’s buying from the table next door; and overlooking ours. Now that really gets our Aries gall going. As my little Capricorn cousin used to say, What am I? Chopped liver? There’s nothing like being ignored to throw ambitions into over drive, “that’s not fair!”

In modern terms, this Aries-Libra dynamic is a lot like dating. In fact, it is dating.

 And the meat market, Whole Foods. As anyone knows, Whole Foods is one of the hottest pick-up spots for singles. Maybe we’re eyeballing our product competitors professionally, or eyeballing the produce (uh-huh). The feeling’s the same: with so many choices (it all looks so good) we soon realize we need a special spin, something to give us a leg up on the competition. Or at least, pretty ourselves up so we can believably and cutely circulate in the upper echelons of “organic produce” or whatever.

Because we’re giving away what we’ve earned since last year, Harvest Full Moon can be both a happy and sad time. Okay, happy if you’re on top of your game and loving it, sad if you’re not. As said, we’re children with Aries. We’re simple and we think about that far ahead. If we’re honest about not feeling successful, instead of moping and taking pot shots at the other growers, we begin contemplating how our dreams have changed since the start of the cycle – this time last year. We question why we’re collecting awards on this year’s prize cabbage but feeling strangely empty inside. Maybe we don’t want to grow prize cabbage anymore. So we visit a Napa Grape Growers booth and chat up an Asian hottie a la Sideways (a girl or guy always motivates our hero). And soon we’re studying the fine subject of growers “teran” and the mysterious grape. This year cabbage, next year grapes. This year’s harvest, next year’s fertilizer. Ain’t it the way.

Yes, it is. And cycles (no matter what stage you’re in) are the Moon’s means. Allow this Aries Moon show you nature’s way…of gently releasing last year’s harvest with gratitude, of pulling you in to trailblaze new truth to self paths. Aries energy is the quest for selfhood, the call to move in the right direction. The right direction as internally motivated by our own soul’s desire for peace, love and harmony. And the main conflagration for our Aries warrior is cultivating that “I’m Alive!” feeling without creating undue stress on the system. Go forward, boldly!