StefaniGwenGwen Stefani: 03 October 1969

Jean Harlowe or a skater girl pop icon, beautiful Gwen walks the line between glamorous and skater girl teenager without skipping a beat – no doubt landing her in both celebrity’s best and worst dressed lists. But a true style icon knows that fashion’s no crime and as any Libran will attest, clothes, make-up, jewelry are love’s adornments. After all, if a Libran needs a relationship to grow she needs to be on the most desirable list. Gwen’s recently launched design company L.A.M.B. is an attempt to meld pop music with high style. While hers may appear contradictory, it accurately mirrors her nature: “I love that contradiction of being feminine but playing in the boys’ tree house. My whole life’s been like that.” Even though a beautiful Goddess, female Libra is often a tomboy at heart. Likewise, Male Librans are manly, but also refined, delicate. This is because while Venus is definitely feminine, for those born under the sign of Libra, she’s also masculine. She’s the kind of woman who knows how to go after what she wants; He’s the kind of man who’s in touch with his softer feminine side.