gwenythGwyneth Paltrow: 28 September 1972

In her academy award winning performance in Shakespeare in Love Gwyneth played Shakespeare’s cross dressing love interest – again, another Libran who is both neither/nor! But her English rose features aren’t her only asset. In Hollywood, where beauty is confused with sexy, Libra’s beauty is eye catching but it’s her brains that captivate. Gwyneth’s beauty is characterized by intelligence and grace, outstanding characteristics of Libra, observed in her demeanor, dress, and movement. She’s been accused by press and fans of being elitist and snobby, but it may be more a matter of tact – for example, criticizing other actresses for playing unimportant romantic comedy roles instead of portraying “real women”. And she moved to England because people there aren’t capitalistic like in America but “have real conversations”. Perhaps Gwyneth’s influenced by her British husband – Librans have a knack for adopting their partner’s tastes, style and preferences. She may also be a bit of a purist for the Libra with “good taste” prefers quality everything.