My dear friend and syndicated columnist Holiday Mathis has just published this absolutely astro-licious book, Rock Your Stars. And she’s so fresh. I’m not just saying this because I love her dearly but because she’s one of the few young voices of astrology that’s truly different (and we could use more of those). Holly’s voice sparkles. From the perspective of a modern gal with real world problems just like you and me, Holly uses the ancient art to expand her toolbox and rule her world. Her positive upbeat attitude is contagious – so you can finally drop that notion that your chart is heinous (or at least more heinous than anyone else’s). She says, “It may seem like others have better luck or destiny than you, but here’s the real truth: Your stars are only as lucky as you make them.”


I keep Rock Your Stars at my side for a new spin on a Sun sign, or a question I’m mulling over – because it’s original and groovy. To find your signature style piece (Aquarius, Hip Hugger pants; Taurus, a throat chakra stimulating necklace), or get out of a career rut (Aries, “You’re not afraid to try on a job for size…Answering the phone for a bookie? Hmm interesting character study”) consult Rock Your Stars. Here’s what Seal press says about it,


Never too woo-woo, Holiday tells it straight, showing women how to use astrology as a handy tool for self-analysis and daily contentment. “Some people write down their dreams, some do yoga, some talk to therapists,” she says. “My way is to look up and start a conversation with the stars.”

Unlike traditional astrology books that focus only on the typical characteristics and personalities of astrological signs, Holiday focuses on day-to-day, real-life issues—romance, sex, money, family, friendship, health, style, home. Complete with Q&As with readers, astrological analyses of trends, and insightful profiles of public personalities, Rock Your Stars is truly a must-have guide to getting it all.

(And to those of you who read her Sun sign horoscopes wondering whether she has faeries in her pocket and angels at her shoulder – she does.)