Pisces & Secrets

by | Mar 27, 2008 | Pisces, Real Time Astrology | 5 comments

After a month of ongoing tension between Mars-Pluto opposition, Mercury sextile Jupiter, conjunct Uranus on Thursday secrets(3/27), then Venus conjunct Uranus sextile Jupiter Friday (3/28), reminds me of a benevolent, lovely and light but surprising cocktail – gone shockingly Molotov. Am I exaggerating here? The sheer amount of underlying tension in the emotional and sexual lives of folks read: what’s going on behind closed doors – is epic.

Yikes. The secret is out. I’m wondering about secrets and Pisces – mainly, because I’ve been told to keep like three, under strict confidance, all in the past two days. I’m relating these to the 12th house and Pisces, of secret sorrows and self-undoing, as these are the kind of secrets that by hitting the right ears would un-do a girl, or impel this one into direct conversations with her Maker.  And yes, if secrets are circulating that means they’re no longer secrets, right? (I’m saying nothing)

And what are we trying to work out? The Spring Equinox is a tender time. The symbolic passage of a new spring, a new year, new hope can feel heavy if we’re still passing through the pearly gates of Pisces, the part of the karmic wheel where we feel trapped by karma, attempt to transcend or release our suffering, and prepare to be re-born in Aries. I don’t know much about the bible, but I was reminded of Christ’s betrayal, death and re-birth last Easter Sunday. Hmm, I wonder, if it’s happening biblically, is it happening collectively?

The good news about secrets, if we can voice them, we’re no longer bound by them. The twelve-step recovery movement has a phrase “you’re only as sick as your secrets.” I’ve never been a secret keeper, but I’ve gleaned that secrets severely impede well-being. So with Uranus/Jupiter popping around and sending sweet surprises to Venus and Mercury, do tell…



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  1. cskougor

    This is where I am and its heavy. It seems to be where my posse of women is right now too. Interesting. Blessed be the Resurrection.

  2. Bis

    i find the 12th house so mysterious. lol. i guess its SUPPOSED to be, but i dont know, it leaves me desperate and confused. i have venus in 12th, basically, and constant conflicts of deep identification but inability to expression, makes for a constant state of frustration and despair. next to all the lovely romantic emotionality and otherworldliness swirling about there this very unromantic base frustration to snap you to reality..how it is so unlike what you imagine, so much poorer. at least that is how it is for me.

    i would think exposing ‘secrets’ in this pisces/12 house case is indeed cathartic and positive….because so many of these secrets arent secrets according to normal people. for such dreamers and schemers a bit of laying the cards on the table is a tres welcome.

  3. Jessica

    Hi Bis,

    I want to respond to you, but want to acknowledge your comment is slightly off topic. Astrology does delineate the houses (areas of life experience) from the signs (expression). So Pisces and the 12th are not the same.

    The 12th house (the house associated with PIsces) can be a source of numinous mystery, intense suffering, chaotic confusion and monastic pleasure (!)…by folding all possible 12th house possibilities together, we come up with an interesting kaleidescope. A deep vulnerability to the vagaries of life -and- a profound ability to interact with and see beyond them.

    I just read this beautiful passage about Venus in the 12th yesterday, in a book called Inside Planets by Elias Lonsdale. So since you wrote:

    “There is something going on with everybody that she is in on , so deeply that she can only move with it all the way. Here experience is that she and her world are intimately bound together. This is by turns beautiful and horrifying, but never neutral…The alternation between vast wonders and grotesque tragedies is consuming, and very hard to stay with…When her world is cooking and she is riding the great waves, she is unstoppable. When she is caught in tide pools of atrophy, her energy is waterlogged and self-negating. Her path is eventually toward a reweaving that brings all worlds into one.”

    Best, Jessica

  4. Bis

    mexcusez, just rambling away these associations, i donno why i thought the two were related. anyway thanks for the info !

  5. Jessica

    They are related, house -n- sign co-mingle in a way such that even seasoned astrologers must remind ourselves to differentiate.

    Please, love hearing from you so do keep writing! Your insights were lovely.

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