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Here’s this week’s Reader Question:

My counselor tells me that when it comes to men, I seem to running away to ones I could me and towards ones I can’t. I thought about this long and hard and decided that I just want a different reality- it may be a 7th house thing. The chart of the man is of an actor, a famous one but I’d like to get to know him as a person- all the while respecting his sense of privacy, space, time, constraints all that. I admit to feeling a strong attraction, but also I am afraid to say it, sense a connection- perhaps we share some of the same cultural history growing up in the same era. I want to know the proper way to pursue meeting or at least contacting this guy with success. I believe that some of us in the outer world are really nice folk and aren’t crazed fans. He as a capricorn has life lessons I feel he could teach. He’s got a start up IT business too and I respect a go getter! I myself am learning medical coding. He can’t give me material things but rather and only those things in his persona that he as a man uniquely posses. I’d love to be advised as to how to pursue, albeit with respect and tact oh and what are my chances with such a suspicious scorpio moon as he’s got. I’m thinking of writing to Oprah Winfrey for advice in the regard to do this properly with respect to him- do you think it’s foolhardy?

She said:

Oh, boy. We’ve all had crushes on famous people, and many of us had to give up the fantasy about say, Robert Downey Jr. (not to name names), with our braces. Maybe there’s a secret part of us that still wonders – oh, if I had been with him maybe he wouldn’t have snorted all that cocaine…

Good for you though, for choosing a successful, employable Capricorn to crush on. That’s a healthy choice. You have clear values around the type of man you want: go-getter, successful, wise, moneyed (but more important than material things, piscesrespect for his person), and of course, famous. As a Pisces, many of you do actually fantasy your partners right into reality. And regarding the rich and famous, I do believe that you believe that is who your people are – and you may be right. With Pluto conjunct Jupiter in Leo in a wide opposition to your Sun, people embodying fame and fortune dangle in front of your Pisces Sun like a golden carrot.

And yet. Please forgive me for naming something potentially sensitive, only because you’re vulnerable here: folks with the astrological opposition are vulnerable to projecting those traits described (by Pluto-Jupiter in Leo) outside of their self. Consider you might be giving your own power, success, and glamorous beauty away. As you said, you want a different reality – perhaps you covet the fame and fortune of your FP. This is hardly an unusual phenomenon. FP’s carry our nation’s “I wish I were a beautiful person” projections, beautifully.

So here you are, fifty-three years young and crushing. The reality is Saturn: in a stationary opposition to your Sun and squaring your natal Sun-Saturn square. Saturn is “the way things are”, which may appear as societal obstacles between you and others: Distance. Social Structures. Oprah Winfrey. But are more like reality checks. Your dreams of being with someone very special needn’t be dashed during this time, but Saturn isn’t a friend to fantasy. This may be a bitter pill to swallow, so here’s an idea: instead of working your way into your FP’s inner circle, why not apply those eloquent qualities to FP’s closer to home? Instead of the Brad Pitt, citizen of the world, why not try for the Brad Pitt of Sarasota, Florida (or wherever)? In short, re-cast your love script.

XO Jessica

He Said:

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They Said:
Take a step back and explore the power of your fantasies and projections. Famous Actor may not be as accessible as you hope, no matter how tactfully you approach him. There are many cool guys — who share your background and orientation towards life — in your own neck of the woods.

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