He Said, She Said features one reader’s love question answered by professional astrologers Jessica Shepherd of Moonkissd and Jeffrey Kishner of Seduction Central . After they each provide their perspective, they combine their insight to offer advice they both can agree on.


Here’s this week’s Reader Question:

We have known each other for four months as business and friends, and he has been very supportive to me. He wants me to be his wife for life. We have not consummated our relationship physically but he swears what that I am the one!My concern is I just found out he was married three times. Is he for real? His last girlfriend was a ten year relationship and he was alone for the last two years? I take relationships seriously and have never been married. I am an attractive, sexy, successful woman who has had offers but I have been leery. This seems real??? My heart says one thing and my head says another.

She said:

As a Scorpio, you can always listen to your first instinct. And if you don’t listen to your first instinct, your second and third Jessica of Moonkissd.comand fourth will grow proportionally louder (I’m responding the number of question marks in your letter). Instinct is a subtle sense. It’s an inner knowing that something here just isn’t right. You’re onto something.

People do find happy marriages after several tries. Yet you’re suspicious. So let’s break it down: He’ll be fifty-five this year. He’s had two girlfriends over the past 12 years. So before the age of 43, he was married and divorced three times. Considering the amount of energy, time and money it takes to get married and divorced just once, I wonder how invested he was in those. A quick look at your charts*: Venus in Aries, opposed by Neptune conjunct Saturn in Libra. He jumps into relationships impulsively, and as quickly wins hearts. But lacking a grounded, real understanding about what he’s looking for once he’s arrived, he flounders. After the honeymoon period, relationships present demands and needs. And what was he looking for anyhow? He’s a dreamer at love. This isn’t a bad thing. He’s a real romantic. It’s just the scales are tilted in one direction.

By inquiring into how those marriages began and ended, it could say a lot about how things will go for you. How long did he know his partners before he proposed? Did he meet his next partners while he was married (a potential clue that he might be unfaithful to you)? And what did each of these marriages teach him about himself? Consider this time a discovery period for your relationship, to get clear on whether who he represents himself to be, is indeed, correct. Ask him pointed questions. Look for authentic answers that satisfy you completely. And if he passes the Scorpio muster with no less than flying colors, advance forward by exactly one space. But if it’s challenging for him to define clearly what caused past separations, without it sounding like a web of sweet, beautiful but a little too neatly tied up explanations – I’d wonder if he hasn’t yet woken up from the dream.

XO Jessica

*featured chart: Scorpio inner wheel/Gemini outer wheel

He Said:

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They Said:
All indicators say take your time with this guy. Get to know him, gather evidence about why marriage hasn’t worked for him in the past. Time will allow some of his issues to make themselves known. You’ll eventually find out if he’s ready and willing to be a husband.

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