Death leaves us with so many questions. With the smattering of public figure deaths happening on the world stage, the latest one isn’t about the mysterious circumstances of Michael’s but, why are so many people dying?  An astrological look may help. First, New Moons represent birth and death symbolically. The last New Moon in Cancer (a sign associated with public: figures, mood and sentiment) was opposed by, or in cahoots with, Pluto, Lord of the Underworld & Death (also the planetoid formerly known as planet). Pluto in Capricorn is a harbinger for breakdown in the system, and the types of structural changes and reality checks that can only be experienced from the bottom up. I can relate this New Moon with Pluto to a dream I had about a pregnant mother – who was my own. I was unclear whether she was pregnant or just carrying a bowling ball of dead weight around her belly. Pluto asks: is it dead or alive? 

Also ushering these angels home (many who had addictions, chronic drug use, illness, were old, or whose healing was long overdue) is the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction. Although it’s no hobby of mine, I’ve seen the involvement of both Jupiter and Neptune in death charts – again including that of my own mother. I was trying to find out the nature of her death. I wanted to know whether she was she in pain when she died and I was surprised to see her death chart looked remarkably ‘nice’ and ‘easy’. This was a comforting thought. The astrology eloquently articulated her release from the bondage of a long illness and may even have characterized the feeling of her death. Astrologically, it all made sense. Jupiter offers possibility, release, brighter horizons ahead. Neptune is surrender of the physical form to the world of spirit and soul, is consciousness disembodied. Chiron, involved in this recent configuration, is the maverick Shaman asteroid with teaching/healing powers. Some consider death as one of the many paths to healing. I wouldn’t argue with that.

I’m personally having a Pluto transit which both contrasts/compliments how I’m experiencing this Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction. The latter is having an abstemious and almost monk-like effect on me (the triple conjunction aspects my Saturn by trine). I want for nothing, save emptiness and long stretches of it. If this is happening to my Saturn, that is my very physical and material relationship to reality, I can only imagine how this is affecting those people who don’t have a solid relationship with reality. If the soul is like a balloon attached to a flimsy string for a physical body, then there’s not much holding the body here, is there? The gravity-less-ness of this conjunction combined with the gravitas of the New Moon/Pluto can be incredibly unmooring.

And I haven’t even mentioned the eclipses yet! I’ll save that for later.