We astrologers are earnest about being taken seriously.  This can turn the best of us into curmudgeons, when certain of us shun popular astrology for generalizing (dismissing horoscope writers who shepherd the masses to us for a proper natal reading as irrelevant). The problem with that need to be taken so seriously is that we lose our humor and our perspective, and heaven forbid that happens, because humor is a true friend to creativity and inspiration. That’s why I’m delighted that Matt Currie has carved out his unique niche in the blogosphere and has now published a very cool book called Conquer the Universe With Astrology which is basically wit, writ large.

Not every astrologer aspires to be Liz Greene or Howard Sassportas in this case, and Matt is neither. When I heard that our humorous Canadian friend was coming to the San Francisco Bay (update: now he’s moving here), craving a dose of laughter I enthusiastically interjected myself into a fancy business meeting. Over a plate of steaming lamb and hummus, Mr. Currie, myself, and another very important lady ‘discussed business’ and basically Matt was on fire like a stick of dynamite. Although I’m certain his new lady friend has something to do with it, the man’s a Sagittarius with Cancer rising and just isn’t shy on enthusiasm or charm. Appropriately ‘dressed by starlight ‘ in silk (he gives fashion advice, too) he pointed out these threads were chosen intentionally (this is an ancient magical-astrological assist of courting the Gods’ & Godesses’ favor) as he was going for the ‘I’m soft and approachable’ Cancer look which pleased my Cancer Sun sign.  Matt made jokes, astrological and otherwise, and some very astute character observations about American pigeons – mainly that, unlike Canadians who apparently have plenty of it, American pigeons stubbornly insist on their personal space and their right to be pigeons (welcome to California, Matt). At a loss for words about his overwhelming affection for our fair city, his excessive use of the word ‘AWESOME’ was my only real complaint about him. I can’t complain about his book – it’s pure Currie. Readers take note, astrology doesn’t have to bore you to tears, those were tears of awesomeness I was crying. No kidding.