Increase My Harvest, A Full Moon Spell

Full moons are good times to get in touch with your spiritual center, to ask for awakening, for guidance, make spiritual requests and wishes. The Harvest Full Moon, (the first full moon after the sun has entered Libra -a harvest full moon is always in Aries) celebrating the final harvest of the summer before we head into autumn, is an exceptional full moon. Always, when doing a spell, follow the spiritual law of abundance – Ask, Believe, Receive. Whenever we ask for anything, it’s always good to give thanks, first. That’s not just good manners (Sun in Libra approves!), but gratitude is a powerful prayer. In fact, there may not be a more powerful one. Why? Imagine Spirit is puddle jumping to meet you. If you’re already on the abundant side, it’s much smaller leap for Spirit to make (this is also a law of attraction. When you’re grateful, you’re aligned with abundance).

Increasing harvest is a two part process: first we give gratitude for the harvest we’ve already received, the abundant friends, lovers, passions, and support from the Universe. Then Ask for our cup to be full or re-filled, in balance. Anything you’d like to increase, desire more of, would like illumination about, put into this spell.

What you need:

My own altar for this spell, inspired by autumn.

-2 matching wine glasses filled with equal parts water (symbolizing the harmony & balance of Libra)

-A red candle (symbolizing the courage and inspiration of Aries)

-Any other items related to your wish!

Here are some ideas: almonds for success and prosperity; vanilla bean for love and abundance; musk incense for passion; moonstone for intuition; bloodstone for healing; fools gold or jade for money; tiger’s eye for protection and luck; quartz to amplify wish and for general healing; carnelian for courage and resolving issues related to expression of anger.

The ritual:

Set up your items, outside or in the path of moonlight.  Draw a circle, or simply make a space sacred with intent. Take a few deep breaths, grounding and centering yourself. Look at the full moon in the sky and take your time to connect to the energy of the moon, the spiritual energy of the God & Goddess, of illumination, the perfect harmony of life’s cycles. Feel the energy in your body, in your womb. As you watch the moon imagine your will, which you experience in your solar plexus, working together with your emotions, in your heart. Feel them join together. Allow your self to fully feel that harmony and perfection. When you are ready recite the following:

The Spell:
(This first part helps you contact your spiritual power center)

Water and fire
Chalice in balance
This is the hour
Of my spiritual power

Hecate, Selene, Moon Goddesses, ye
I draw down the moon’s power aligned with thee
Creatures great and small,
Oceans vast and wide,
Mountains strong and quiet,
Winds howling in the dark night
I offer, in gratitude, this harvest for the next
I ask to receive a wish, a bequest

Now give silent gratitude for your harvest, blessing everyone and everything which has contributed to your blessed abundance. As you silently ask for more – love, insight, awareness, help, healing – put your heart into your wish. Take your time; ask for the moon! When you are done, thank God/Goddess, breathe deeply. If you want to, sit awhile with the energy of the full moon & your harvest wish. Know that you will receive.