You may be wondering where I’ve been. My progressed Virgo Moon just entered my Twelfth House. Need I say more? I mean, meticulous, organization loving Virgo in the house of nebulous confusion? You can just imagine how hard it has been for me to put together a proper sentence, let alone rub two sticks together! Okay, I’m poking fun at the Twelfth House, and I’d be far more anxious if I didn’t have astrology to tell me that my sense of losing steam, eventually, will lead somewhere…even if I have no idea where, yet.

Oh, yes, I’ve seen the looks on the faces of people who recount the progression of the 2 1/2 year passage of the Moon through their Twelfth House– traditional house of troubles, toil and loss. One acquaintance, a portrait artist, said that during her 12th House Moon progression, for the first time in her career she didn’t have commissions lined up and therefore no solid financial future. She also had to ‘let go’ of an already failing relationship, ultimately, a necessary loss, though that didn’t make the giving up any less slow or painful. She experienced this progression as one of the most difficult periods of her life.

When I see a client with the progressed Moon transiting this final house of the zodiac, it can quite dramatically alter my interpretation of all other transits. The progressed Moon is always, where our heart is, and there’s something about the Twelfth House Moon that says, My heart’s just not in it anymore.

Let’s say you have a zillion transits happening to your MidHeaven -and- a progressed 12th House Moon: your worldly role is ‘up’ and so is meditating on the mountaintop. In your life, you may be getting married, getting a promotion or moving house but, oh, that Moon. A Twelfth House Moon emphasizes something quite emotionally different is happening, on the inside. So how do you really feel about leaving your single life, your job? Maybe there’s a strong sense of loss accompanying a change or leaving home, or a misty eyed sense of leaving a phase of life behind. As it should be. There’s also the potential for confusion and meltdowns if you don’t honor your need to withdraw, and emotionally sort what you are ready to leave behind. In life and astrology, we can be happy and sad, celebratory and grieving at the same time.  Twelfth House gremlins will play when we don’t make time for quietude.

Ah, but it’s so easy to give advice, isn’t it? Just what am I to make of my own Twelfth House progression? (Just in case you think the Astrologer has always got a grip on their own transits, think again. Like a surgeon trying to operate on one’s self, I’d be poking at Saturn and Pluto all day long. When it comes to our own chart, we lack all objectivity). I do however figure I’ve got a running start on ‘letting go’, seeing as how in addition to four Pluto transits, Saturn has been transiting my Twelfth for about two years (remember the kids hokey pokey song, where you put your left foot in, and out, and turn all about – then you feel a little sick after spinning all about?). What was (albeit sometimes) questionably working, no longer did it for me- and that’s disorienting. Commitments I had taken on during my progressed Eleventh House Moon, which once nourished me, now felt empty. And the book… the book I began to write around that time has been far more difficult to than I imagined (no I did not take the ‘advice’ of my predictive astrology software which said “now is not a good time to start a book” Bah. Try telling a person to stop showing up at their job). Themes of disintegration, withdrawal and psychic examination continue. Slowing down, space out time, and alien feelings of regret settle in. I could feel it coming.

Here’s where knowing astrology can be a lot like that Zen idea of a finger pointing to the Moon. If we put too much focus on concepts and theory, if we focus on the solidity of our theory (maybe this is more true with the ephemeral Twelfth House), we can miss the spontaneous moment of awareness when the planet tugs at the corner of our consciousness, opening it.

Twelfth house planets want your conscious attention– and your willingness to have a direct experience of them. In the movie Enter the Dragon Bruce Lee instructs his karate student to kick him. Then asks, “What was that – an exhibition?! We need emotional content…Don’t think, feel….It is like a finger pointing the way to the Moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.” Heavenly glory. That beats moodiness, whining, unhappiness, confused emotional misery, which is what can happen if we don’t honor this end of the cycle loss & let go.

So what will I do with my Twelfth House Moon progression?  First, I ask you to forgive me for all my misspellings & editorial blunders in advance, especially those of you with Virgo planets– I’m working on it! Virgo Moon wants precision; the Twelfth House experience is hazy, uncertain, making it hard to get a grip. Many days I feel emotionally blah & un-sexy. Right around tax day, I literally forgot to mail the taxes. It was more than Mercury retrograde; the synapses that said ‘this is important!!!’ just didn’t make it to my brain. There are also strange oriental heart yearnings, which, like trying to tempt a long lost creature out of hiding, I try to whimsically encourage. Well I guess in approximately 2 1/2 years, when the Moon crosses into my First House, Ta-dah! Till then I can reflect, dream, be in nature, do nothing, follow only with heart and let the rest go. I just know something new is coming in…Now, if only I can remember where I put the car keys…

p.s. – If you haven’t appreciated the not so subtle influence of the progressed moon on your life, take a peak at your own Moon progressions by going to click on free horoscopes/extended chart selections/choose ‘progressions’ in the drop down, and then crack open  The Changing Sky by Steven Forrest, and Astrology of the Moon by Amy Herring.

and…for an excellent article on the mysterious 12th house, check out: The Twelfth House by Dana Gerhardt