No house is ever really empty.

Follow the moonlight,

your house sign and ruling planet,

to connection and centeredness. -Jessica

It’s a common phenomenon to look at your chart, see clusters of planets and vast areas of emptiness, and find yourself thinking if there are no planets in a section of your chart, there must be something wrong with you. With houses connected to relationship or money, for instance, the Ego tends toward: “I have no planets here, I’m doomed!” Ah, I’ve finally got the damning evidence I needed to prove that I will never have the money or a relationship I want.

It is simply not true.

No house is ever really empty. Your fourth house has a ruler. Traditional astrology acknowledges this, but this fact has gotten a bit lost in modern astrology. I’m going to leave the deeper intricacies to someone who studies this branch of astrology, but every house is mediated by the goings-on of the planet ruling the cusp of said house.

Your empty Aries fourth house? Ruled by Mars, Aries’ ruling planet.
Your empty Sagittarius fourth house? Ruled by Jupiter, Sag’s ruling planet.
Your empty Pisces fourth house? Ruled by Neptune, Pisces ruling planet.

And so on.

Signs are ruled by planets, planets are energy…No house is ever really empty.

This is why:

A fourth house sign behaves similarly to having the ruling planet there.

Do I believe a Sagittarius ruled fourth house behaves similar to having Jupiter in the fourth? Yes, I do. You will experience similar themes. Same goes with having a Jupiter transit to the fourth, yet the Jupiter impulse will have an ending point, since transits are temporary.

With one difference: When you have a planet in the fourth (or in any) house, the evolutionary importance of doing that planetary work in this area will be underscored, with exclamation marks, bold typeface and italics, too!!! Planets are energy, and like having energy contracts with a particular person, you will be going very deep and intimate in this area, with this energy.

No house is ever really empty; your sign’s planet is generating energy somewhere in your chart.

Again, every sign has a ruling planet; that ruling planet is operative somewhere in your chart. Planets create action and activity. Say you have Cancer on the cusp of an empty fourth house. Where is your Moon, your fourth house ruler? Moon is in the twelfth. Can you taste how the flavor is now slightly altered? You will find your fourth house planet, Moon, at the monastery, with spiritual teachers, meditating, writing poetry, at an AA meeting, etc… Your relationship to your innermost self (fourth house) has become even more spiritually contemplative.

With a sign cusp, the ruling planet is simply doing that house’s energy in another area of the chart. For instance, if you have Sagittarius on the fourth house cusp, and Jupiter, ruler, in your tenth, your inner soul work will be public, and expressed through your mission in the world (tenth house). That’s where your fourth house energy is being utilized and generated. And you will still have Sag experiences of your innermost self, your Soul’s mates, your home etc.

No need to get too complex, if you don’t want to.

Knowing your fourth house sign is always good enough, because of this single fact: your house sign has a ruling planet, and that planet is generating activity somewhere in your chart.

Finally, you may want more conscious awareness around how that empty house works for you. I’ve seen this especially during planetary transits to said house, as well as the house ruler. Suddenly it’s like – huh? What’s this area of life about? How does it work for me? During transits to the fourth, you get a crash course in how your fourth house sign and planet operates: Your core stability needs, home and living requirements, issues with your Soul tribe and Soul’s mates, how aligned you feel in your innermost self (and ways you don’t feel aligned at all) — it’s ALL up. That’s why a fourth house transit is a good time to read up about your fourth house!

In a nutshell, this book is for YOU. I wrote Follow the Moonlit Path for anyone who wants to feel more centered, rooted, peaceful. It felt timely to write. The Earth is going through massive changes, and so are we. It will continue. This work is truly about the moonlit path within, taking the journey back home to yourself, astrological and otherwise. This journey back home involves freeing yourself from old childhood conditioning, survival strategies and values that aren’t yours, so you feel more centered, emotionally and spiritually connected, alive: Like a beautifully rooted willow tree that flexibly, gracefully, accommodates wind, storms, and great change.



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