Carla Bruni: Rock Star of a First Lady

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wsarkoI’m not shocked. Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy were married on February 1, 2008 after only 3 months of dating. Mick’s loved her, Eric has too. What’s not to love in Carla Bruni? But President Sarkozy beat everyone out and from looking at their charts, it’s no wonder. They have remarkably solid, enduring – even soul mate – chemistry.

What of the remarkable speed of this connection, earning the prez the nickname Speedy Sarkozy?

There’s the swift watery trine from his Uranus/Jupiter conjunction to her Venus/Neptune. Uranus aligned with Venus is electrical attraction. With this kind of aspect between them, it’s a stimulating intellectual attraction, too. And while Uranus’ involvement in a couples’ chart is a certain sign of sudden romance, it can burn out as quick as it came without some solid supports in place – mainly Saturn.

Sarkozy’s Saturn in Scorpio is smack on top of Carla’s Venus/Neptune conjunction. Joined, Saturn and Venus often get a bad rap. And in an individual chart there are certain lessons in love, often involving karma from this lifetime or lives before. Yet another key phrase of this union is “together forever” or “the enduring bonds of committed love.” Sarkozy’s Saturn will attempt to wisen up Carla’s creatively prolific, passionate Venus in Scorpio – giving her even-keeled wisdom, sophistication and maturity regarding her new position. I read she already has a studio in the palace Elysses, but with the privilege of this romance comes certain strictures – the obligations and duties required of any first lady. He’s also twelve years (plus) her senior, and there’s always that edge with a younger woman-older man dynamic – when the younger woman might feel controlled by the older man (his Saturn in Scorpio). This is one strong lady; I’m sure she can hold her own.


I recall hearing Komilla Sutton, a Vedic Astrologer, in an Astrology of Love lecture, say “Saturn rules the heart chakra because to love, we must be detached. And after attraction (Venus) the karmic debt (Saturn) is why we’re together.” I would describe Scorpio as emotionally attached, not detached, so part of their love karma may involve exactly that lesson.

From a synastric soul mate point of view, what’s most interesting to me about their charts is Nicolas’ Nouth Node on Carla’s Sun in Capricorn. They’re headed in the same direction. In fact, who she is, what she does naturally (Sun) will help him evolve (NN). She’ll plug into where he’s headed – a wise elder identity – and encourage it to shine. In just three short months she’s already given him more notoriety and thus, more accountability, than he had before they met.

And the royal role befitting a great leader doesn’t necessarily come naturally to Nicolas. Being held accountable for his words, actions, (he tends to speak in a defiant voice to the press) his position, and ultimately the people of France is all new to him from an evolutionary standpoint. He needs to be less emotionally reactive and learn how to be cooler…smoother (SN in Cancer square Mars). His life lesson revolves around being a gracious public figure, not a flippant or defiant one. Carla will help moderate these tendencies – she emanates coolness from every pore. In turn, he’s given her the opportunity of a lifetime – royal power, prestige, privilege, status. The North Node in Capricorn amps up her Sun, amplifying her own ability to create a major life’s work, and a new public image to boot.

I’d consider the Sun-Nodal connection a sign of a real soul mate synastry. There’s shared purpose and familiarity between these two, as though one person has what the other needs. What he doesn’t know how to do comes naturally to her; and she earns even more facility to fulfill her destiny, on his arm.


p.s. – After writing this I found another post on the couples wedding at Astrology, Fashion and Celebrities


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