We’re in the eclipse zone, that concentrated period of time surrounding two eclipses, and a time when some people who know just enough astrology to be dangerous, grow really afraid.  As you read the myriad web resources available about this very special time, or any astrological event, pattern or aspect, let’s remember several things:

1) Human Egos write this information -not a Diving Being (though Divinity shines through more clearly for some, than others)- and their writing is being run through personal belief systems and conditioning. Know that some people hold a more deterministic or fatalistic viewpoint of astrological events, while others hold a more fluid, spacious, open space.

Learn to recognize this. Pay attention to what resonates for you, and how. Ask, How does this information make me feel? Does it make me feel fearful? If so, it’s not based in love, it’s based in Ego/fear. Some astrological writing can stimulate the Ego’s hyper-vigilance — the primal part of you that is always on alert for some eventual threat. This can appear obvious, for instance, fortune-telling about potential negative outcomes, but it’s not always about the words. It’s about the feeling, the energies, transmitted through the words. Humans write astrology, and words carry energy.

Remember, it’s your job to take care of your mental health, and not create unnecessary distress by reading material that will send you into a downward spiral. Just as you know not to eat junk food, don’t consume astrological writing indiscriminately. 

2) Notice when a message carries a neutral energy, but stimulates an insecurity or fear.  Discern the difference between someone else sending you fearful messages/ energies, and your projections. If I say, “Pluto is the planet of death, crisis and transformation. Death is one of many forms of initiation into change…” and you say, “Oh my god, someone’s going to die! Will it be my grandma?” that’s your fear. In this example, and in many situations, the problem is not the messenger but the lens through which you are viewing information. You have the power to dismantle another’s negative message by changing your lens. Clean your lens. Watch how quickly you jump into a negative, fearful interpretation at the mere mention, and how that compromises your power.

Take responsibility for your fears. Don’t project them onto astrology.

3) Understand why you’ve become so fearful about astrology. Determinism is, to a degree, rooted in our craft. From the moment that people looked up and made correlations between the heavens and what happens on Earth, human Egos have been confusing correlation with the ability to predict. They are very different things. If I see a grey sky and know that sometimes that means rain, I’ve made a correlation. If I think because the sky is sometimes grey when it rains, that it will rain, I’ve made a prediction. The moment the Ego realized it could make educated correlations with astrology, and sometimes be accurate, it leapt into predicting outcomes. Since the Ego is often afraid, this makes controlling or predicting events an attractive prospect. But this way of interpreting astrological phenomenon will always be a probabilities game, a gamble, and will keep you in a perpetual state of hope or fear.

Astrology is so much better at making correlations.

If you want to get back to the time when astrology was simply a validating and helpful mirror to your truest, deepest self and to the energies available to you at any given time, my advice is: Stop thinking that astrology can predict anything.

And when something that you, or another person, thought could or might happen actually does happen, be delighted that, yes, sometimes when the sky is grey, it rains. How cool is that?

3.) Be clear about what astrology is capable of, and what it is not. It is not good at fortune-telling. It is not good at telling you what career path you should take, whether you should be with this or that person, or whether there will be an earthquake. Get clear on your personal philosophy. Want to share mine? Astrology is an excellent mirror for your conscious evolution, and the energies at play in your life. In practice, this looks like:

-Instead of asking, “those blue lines (trines and sextiles) are good, right (and therefore I’m going to be okay, right)?” ask yourself, how am I using those harmonious aspects? Use it as a mirror to your potential, not a crutch for your hopes and fears.

-In relationship astrology, instead of going “oh, our Moons don’t share any aspects- that must be bad!?” use that information to observe the energetic lunar interplay between you. Use it as a mirror for the energies you experience with another. How does that work for you?

-With transits, use it as a mirror for what growth wants to take place right now. Pluto transiting your second house doesn’t mean you are doomed to poverty. If you interpret it in this way, it means you are afraid you will be doomed to poverty. You’ve just discovered your worst fear, and your assignment. And that is Pluto’s job – ha!- holding a mirror to a wound you need to clear.

Astrology is an excellent mirror for your consciousness and energies. Nothing outside of you controls your destiny- not even the hardest planetary configuration you can imagine.

4) Stop thinking of any astrological situation or aspect as either good or bad. Eliminate those words from your vocabulary right now. There is nothing, ever, bad or wrong. Everything is Divine. Waste no time thinking your twelfth house Venus, or your seventh house Saturn, or any aspect is in any way limiting you. It is creating an opportunity for you to learn and evolve in a certain vein, and your soul wanted this path- otherwise you wouldn’t have been born with this particular chart. Using the words good or bad prevents you from other, richer, more exciting options available to you.

5) Do not use your astrology as an excuse to be a victim of your life. Plenty of people do this. It comes, in part, from the information you have consumed that have given you fatalistic interpretations of your chart- but honestly this highlights any tendency you have around being a victim. Listen to the way you talk about your self, via your chart. Are you using astrology as proof of your limitations, an excuse as to why you can’t have a good relationship or happy life, or are you using astrology to open up to possibility?

If you’re using your astrology as an excuse, just stop it!  If you think you need years of therapy to change this, try Bob Newhart’s revolutionary 5 minute therapy (LOVE!!!).

Astrology can be a tool our Ego uses to try and reinforce its hopes or fears, or it can be a magical prism of possibility. I suspect you fell in love with astrology for the latter reason.

If you want to help your self un-do all those years of deterministic conditioning and superstition embedded in our craft, if you want to stop compulsively consuming astrological information in late night Google searches and wake up with a nasty hangover the next morning…  Be empowered around how you consume astrological information.