Why Can’t I Hear My Spirit Guides?

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I admit, it kind of bums me out when I hear others exclaim, “I’m so grateful for my Guides!”  When I honestly inquire into the question, I hear: Everyone connects differently, and while we may all have guiding spirits that accompany us through our human journey, not all of us will be introduced to, talk with our Guides, and be on a first name basis.

There is such glamour surrounding getting in touch with Spirit. I believe there is far too much emphasis placed on the extraordinary (and guess who gets those extraordinary talents? “Other people.” Always. A thought that basically guarantees you can’t/won’t connect.)… and not enough on the ordinary and everyday ways we are constantly connecting and receiving Spirit messages.

Spirit connection is all-inclusive. Why would anyone be left out… because they aren’t conversing with Guides??? The whole business can remind me of high school, all over again, with the “popular ones” being channels and psychics.

The truth about Spirit Guidance is: We are receiving it all of the time. All of the time. In the way we are guided, daily, to do one activity over another – we WANT to go somewhere, for instance- and when we listen, we experience flow, synchronicity, there. We experience guidance in ordinary ways. In: dreams, impulses, awareness, heart desires. Occasionally, we might hear a directive, see a psychic image, feel a strong intuition, or a premonition, or receive an amazing “sign”.

My inner guidance is less bells and whistles and more Wise Woman on the mountain. I can surprise myself at times, and do, but for the most part it’s pretty ordinary, since the only ongoing training I participate in is… listening inward, and reading the feedback.

I have a story to tell. In putting together my first class –an invitation offered to those who have purchased my Intuitive Energy Divination Deck– I pulled on all of my inner listening skills. The concept came together, as did a class outline. When I went to choose dates, I just couldn’t. At first, I thought I was being indecisive (I’ve got Libra Rising). When I schedule something like this, I will do what I call “feel into the energy”. But when I would pull up my psychic calendar, the energy refused to land on any particular date(s). How could anyone pitch without a start or meeting dates? This was a dilemma. It almost stopped me entirely.

Then, I asked Spirit “how should I move forward with the class?” and pulled the Invite and Allow card from my Intuitive Energy Divination Deck. Oh, okay. I’d Invite, dates TBD, and see who was “in.” I sat down to craft an invitation to my group of people. I did a real market-y one- the way they are being done now. That felt all WRONG. Then I just wrote an honest letter from my heart.

I sent the email…checking in on timing (yes) and with my heart (yes, I really want this). I still felt doubtful. It was a hard winter.

When I didn’t get a big response, I felt some big conditioning (disappointment) kick-in. As I started going into a story about that, into my mind the word WAIT (just like that). I replied, more than a little surly, “how long? Like, months, years?” And I “heard”: two weeks.

Exactly two weeks later it all came together. Because it took that amount of time for the right people to come together. Not leading with any determined date was also the right choice; it allowed the group to determine the meeting dates, which worked beautifully.

I am sharing all this because, for most of us, Guidance doesn’t always happen in downloaded conversations with Spirit Guides. Cool things still happen though: like WAIT… two weeks. Or, the feeling-knowing that something is WRONG or RIGHT. Or, an energetic feeling of emptiness. Or, Spirit communicating through divination card decks and other forms of synchronicity.

Some people do hear their Guides. I think that’s beautiful. But Guides have become the *Magical Unicorn*. I think we need to remember that we are Diverse, with a capital D. We are each here to express unique gifts and that means we will also learn in different ways, and times. Me? I am energy sensitive and empathic so much of my guidance arrives through FEELING, and physical sensitivity. I have practiced some clairvoyance over the years, so I can receive that as well. Since I am very attuned to sound, hearing, listening… I can be clairaudient. As a writer, I find deep flow in this creative space so can easily channel, here.

Perhaps we need to demystify the special-ness surrounding Spirit connection, in order to see what’s truly in front of us. As New Thought leader Michael Beckwith has said (and I’m paraphrasing): People aren’t born special; they special-ize.

This is why you won’t hear me talking about my Guides, because, for me, all messages come from Spirit/my Soul in a variety of ways. I give myself permission to do what feels most natural for me. This liberates me to discover what works for me, because what works for others won’t necessarily work for me (Note: It is my personal understanding that while ANY of us CAN have direct conversations with our Spirit Guides, most of us actually do not WANT this, for various reasons – like diverse learning agendas).

I’m sharing this with you because we are in a special period of time. I wrote about this earlier, in this post, (linked) if you are curious. The relevant takeaway is this: Now is not the time to underestimate your connection to Spirit. You are spiritually smarter, stronger, wiser and more connected than you probably currently realize. Or, as one person commented, after I posted this on my Facebook fan page: You are spiritually smarter than you REMEMBER. Ha! You are receiving Spirit messages all of the time!




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  1. Elizabeth C.

    Thank you for this gentle (and funny) reminder about the diversity of connections to Spirit and the juicy reward of centering around our own knowing. For a while now, I’ve been clinging too hard to the question of “Does everyone experience this?” and more recently have been receiving nudges, including this beautifully elucidated one from you, of “Does it matter?” Why not open myself up to the possibility of us all living into this potential in various expressions? And, not to take away from the message but I did want to share that as someone who am blessed to work with your Intuitive Energy Divination Deck, I missed your announcement and would have loved to participate. More more more please!

  2. Jessica

    Thank you for reading and commenting, Elizabeth! A big YES to all of us living into this potential in various expressions.

    On your other note – I am sorry you missed the invitation to the class; everyone who has purchased the deck should have received an invitation (so if any others are reading this, feel free to email me!). I will send details to your email right now 🙂 xx

  3. Kellie

    I 100 % resonate with this and Thank You so much for writing this! I am also a Libra Rising…Interesting. I agree going on FEELING and noticing lingering or ability to move through the feelings and if not, a shift is needed. <3

  4. Jessica

    Thank you for reading and sharing, Kellie. <3

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