Soul Mates: Climbing the Pole to Heaven Together

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(this is an excerpt from my upcoming CD on how to attract your soul mate)

Everyone has a twin flame, a twin soul, a soul mate. So where did the soul mate come from and why haven’t you found yours? In honor of this Valentine’s Day Gemini Moon, here’s a love note for you.

The soul mate is ancient and a modern passionreinvention. And because we love astrology, the story begins with the Greeks.

In Symposium, Plato described it like this (more or less): this dude Zeus (Jupiter) was atop his throne in the sky observing the world of men, women and hermaphrodites. One day the Gods, overhearing a conversation at the water cooler, learned the humans were plotting a plan to climb up the fireman’s pole to heaven and overthrow their kingdom.

Of course they were pissed – so decided to destroy mankind. But Zeus, being the charitable opportunist he is, came up with a better idea – cha chingy ching ching! Why not cut everyone in half?! Not only will I double the number of hero-worshippers (score!) everyone will be so freaked out and weakened by being split, they won’t have the strength to carry out their big plan to overthrow heaven.


So he split everyone. And people became sad and longed for their other half. So Mr. Big decided he would allow them to reproduce (again, more worshippers) and in doing so, reunite them with their mate. Here’s the take away: our twin soul will help us finagle a way up to the Gods. It seems a soul mate relationship allows us to at least contemplate if not reach our own divinity.

So this longing for reunion isn’t just pheremonally fabulous – it’s also a soul craving to reach higher ground, together.

Yes, the soul mate has been hanging around the water cooler for centuries. But if there ever was a groovy soul mate revival, it was in the 1960’s.

Because that’s’ when the timeless search ramped up, thanks to people endlesslovelike Carl Jung and Edgar Cayce. Soul became groovy again (it seems to go in and out of fashion) and people began looking for theirs in another warm body. A lifelong mate to start a family with just wasn’t cutting it anymore, people wanted more – a couple who stays together, evolves together. This soul mate revival rode the wave of what we now call “new age” thought, and spiritual seekers surfing the ocean of divine consciousness searched for their soul mate en route. “We met at church, and fell in love…” was replaced with “we had this incredible connection I can’t explain.” As people began expanding their definition of love to include their spirituality, meaningful connections between two people were no longer regarded as random but ostensible spiritual synchronicities. Past lives were discussed, explored…and regressed. “We met in a 16th century monastery and our love was forbidden…so we snuck out to the garden every night.”

It’s all very useful information, you say. And relevant to your search in what way? The soul mate connection remains a soulful and a spiritual reunion – and you will find yours. It is the timeless promise of the soul. So settle down. And don’t worrry so much. Perhaps you have (or will) travel lifetimes to reunite, but you will. The universal takeaway is thus: together, soulful love expands everyone’s consciousness upward “I must be a God or Goddess so let’s climb the fire pole to heaven together!”

But what of the time apart? That’s where we humans drive ourselves crazy searching for meaning. As the story goes, we try on soul mates for size. We explore and find our self, discover what makes us tick so we know how to recognize our other half. So whether you’re hitting the internet sites, taking lovers, or past life regressing…in hopes of finding the one – hey, embrace it, and lighten up (seriousness really spoils the lighthearted playful spirit of love). Consider it like this: your reunion is inevitable, and you’re just taking notes for the journey.

And for those looking for love in too many faces (yeah, I’m talking to you, the one who’s “not really looking”) not to get all Zeus on you, but I can imagine the big guy asking – what’s your aspiration here? Yes, you. You may need a little motivation for the search. Can you actually reach heaven from the sofa and Tivo? Attempting to become conscious is a step.

During the spiritual separation that precipitates the most fabulous reunion of our lives, we have the choice to spend our time in a variety of ways. In my opinion, we can prepare for our reunion by remembering who we are, our own divinity. Our twin flame is a mirror of us in all ways – in strength, fabulosity and facility. And if there’s one thing all soul mate experts agree on, it’s this: if you can’t see the lovable brilliant and worthy of getting-off-the-couch-for person in you – start where you are. Get busy on the job of loving and appreciating you.

Your challenge is to attract someone who amplifies your light – like times 100. Urban mystic Stuart Wilde has said, “You don’t need a slug for a soul mate. Many of you have tried that and it didn’t work.” You better find someone strong and able and able and able (did I say able?) to do your thing together. Soul mate love will bring romance, support – everything you ever dreamed of. But just because you found your soul mate your problems don’t disappear. They just sort of…graduate. So you best choose wisely.

P.S. – If you’d like a copy of the meditation accompanying this, email me!



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  1. emahon

    I would love a copy of the meditation. Couldn’t fill out the contact form because somehow it disappeared!

  2. Jessica

    Hi Elizabeth! Yeah, Mercury retro has been brutal… as the Moonkiss contact page attests.

    I’ve emailed you the meditation.

    Everyone else can email me at moonkissd at moonkissd dot com (I’m spelling it out to keep spam crawlers away…)

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